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How good is Inteligator background check service?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated October 3, 2019

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Background check services can be useful tools when you are trying to get to know someone’s background, when you are trying to reconnect with a childhood friend, former classmate and so on. These services save you the time you’d have to put in to gather all the necessary information from various sources. What they do instead is consult, analyze and extract relevant information from millions and millions of public records, including the internet, social media, federal/court records and so on, Then, they arrange all the information and offer you a well-organized, easy to read report.

Online background check services are very popular nowadays and they are very valuable but exclusively for informative purposes. Most of these web-based services are not FCRA compliant and they act more as public records search services. While that doesn’t affect the content and quality of the background check report they generate, it does limit you in the way you are allowed to use the information you find inside. That means you can’t use these services for purposes such as: employment or tenant screening, harassing a person, determining a person’s eligibility to get obtain credit, a loan, a scholarship, etc.

Inteligator background check service – Is it any good?

Inteligator is an online background check service that has access to more than two billion public records from all over the country. Their data covers approximately 95% of all US adult population. Inteligator boasts on almost 260 million searches and counting.

This service claims searches will be 100% secure and anonymous. Inteligator uses SSL security and you can also opt for your information not to appear in their searches.

The one requirement of Inteligator is for its customers to be at least 18 years old.

What kind of information can Inteligator offer?

Inteligator offers a wide variety of reports and search types to its customers: Arrest/Warrant Search, Background Check, Birth Records Search, Business Search, Criminal Records Search, Death Records Search, Federal Inmate Search, Inmate Search, Marriage/Divorce Search, Neighborhood Check, People Search by Address, People Search by Name, People Search by Phone, Public Records, Relative Search, Reverse Phone Search, Reverse IP Search, Sex Offender Search and more.

How do you use the service?

Inteligator is very straightforward. The first step is to create an account on their official website, by providing an email/username and a password.

Every time you want to perform a search, you have to log into your account first.

After you are signed in, you choose the type of search you want to perform and fill in the boxes (for instance: first name, last name, state of residence of a person) and click on the ‘Search’ button. A search will take around a minute to complete and you will receive an access link where you can read your report. The reports are provided only electronically, but you can download them or print them if you want.

What is the pricing of Inteligator?

Inteligator has two plans to choose from: Basic and Advanced. Just like most online background check services out there, this one is also subscription-based. A monthly fee with Inteligator is $19.95. Inteligator also offers trials, for 3, 4, 7 or 14 days. After your trial expires, you will be billed to the credit/debit card you provided, in advance, on a recurring monthly basis. You can cancel your subscription any time you want to.

What is included in an Inteligator report?

Contact info: address and address history, phone numbers, social media profiles, e-mail addresses and more

Background details: age, potential relatives, education, income, occupation, marital status and more

Criminal records: if the person you are searching has a criminal record, you will see their arrests, if they have been incarcerated, if they have an active warrant, if they are sex offenders and more

Assets: you can find out what kind of assets the person has: properties, cars, aircrafts, vessels, lands and so on

Marriage and divorce records: you can find out details about someone’s marriage and divorce/s, such as dates and so on

Bankruptcy records and more

Even though Inteligator is a very user-friendly service, it also comes with another useful feature, which is assisted search. With this feature you can send a message to their support team, via their contact form and they will offer their assistance.

All in all, Inteligator is a reliable background check service that offers a very generous number of search types, it is easy to use, secure and has an extensive database of over 2 billion records.