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Does Truthfinder Cost Money?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated July 2, 2019

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TruthFinder is an internet service that allows you to gain information about a certain person. The service gives you access to public records and online documents that are posted legally. This includes addresses, phone numbers, aliases, criminal records, and such.

How does it work?

Even though all of TruthFinder’s database is stored online, it is still a hard task to gather all of the information. After all, their system regularly scans for millions of data through a lot of websites quickly as to deliver an accurate and comprehensive report for its users. This means that most of your payment goes to the service of having to gather information quickly instead of by hand.

Aside from this, TruthFinder is allowed to gain access to this information because of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) of July 4, 1966, as stated on their website. This gives everyone access to information that is released by the government through public records. While this was once difficult to compile due to manual means and red tape back then, the internet has the process faster for those seeking for data. TruthFinder simplifies and speeds up the process for your convenience.

Their service started back in 2015 with the focus of reconnecting those that have lost contact with their relatives and friends and for those looking for background checks for business reasons. Their services can be used for a variety of reasons depending on the user, though.

TruthFinder also uses the SSL technology and 128-bit encryption for their website to ensure that their users’ security will not be compromised while using their service.

According to their website, these are the information that they gather:

  •    Name
  •    Aliases
  •    Date of birth
  •    Possible photographs
  •    Jobs
  •    Education
  •    Possible relatives
  •    Dating profiles
  •    Social media accounts
  •    Blogs
  •    Websites
  •    New stories
  •    Phone numbers
  •    Email addresses
  •    Addresses
  •    Location history
  •    Census data
  •    FBI crime statistics
  •    Criminal records
  •    Offense details
  •    Arrest details
  •    Prison and parole details
  •    Local sex offender registry details

As seen in the list, they are able to gather most of the details that will need to be seen in background checks. This information are laid out in a comprehensive and detailed summary.

How much does it cost?

TruthFinder is available for use depending on the months of subscription. They offer two plans for payment including:

  •    1 Month membership
  •    3 Month membership

This gives you access to unlimited standard reports for everyday use. Aside from these plans, you can also avail for the Phone Number Lookup Plan priced at less than $2 to be able to track the contact number of the person you are checking. They can be paid through credit card and PayPal.

Where can it be used?

TruthFinder is a convenient tool that is best used by those regularly searching for data for strangers due to different reasons. For example, those responsible for employment may find the need to do background checks on the people which they will be hiring to ensure that the data in their resume will match public records. Criminal records can also be easily checked through TruthFInder.

Aside from this, those looking for relatives and friends that have become distant and whom they lost connection with can use the service to track their whereabouts. They can also track marriage records, addresses, and contact numbers to make it easier to contact them.

You can also use TruthFinder before meeting a stranger for personal or business reasons. To ensure that the identity of the person you will meet will be as you expect, you can use the tool to make sure that the information you know about them is accurate and legitimate. Sex offender lists are also available for you to check if a certain person is within the registry.