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Best Background Check Services To Consider in 2019

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated September 5, 2019

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Background check services are a handy tool for those looking for information about people they’ve lost contact with. Coming in a variety of forms and including information, these services are best reviewed using the needed information.

Where are they used?

Background check services are handy for those who may want to contact olds peers and relatives, those who want to do criminal background checks, and generally anything where information is needed. These background check services used publicly available legal data. Although users themselves can do the inquiry, these services do the job in minutes that lets you avoid long hours of manual searching.

Best Background Check Services

Here is the list of the best background check services based on the accuracy of results, interface, and overall quality.

  1. Verispy - Our pick for the best background check service is Verispy. This particular service is best known for its quality pricing model that seems to be tough to find among its line of product. Given the unique service that background checks offer, it may be tough to attract a lot of customers.

   Verispy makes a difference with its transparent pricing that tells you everything you need to pay as soon as you register. To ensure that hidden fees     and sudden charges will be avoided, they don’t do automatic renewals. This makes users sure that they will be not charged in case they forget to         cancel their subscriptions. Searching is also fast and can be done within a minute.

    Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, this background check service is best availed by those looking for easy controls, quality search results, and fair        pricing.

  1. PeopleFinders– This is the most affordable service currently available. It is recommended for those looking forward to using the service for a temporary period only. There are several types of searching available, however, their information does not include employment history and social media accounts. They also do not have a mobile app available.
  2. GoodHire– This service is in-line for those who will use the background check service for employment reasons. They take pride in using Silicon Valley Tech for expert data science. Searching with their service is easy and generates a lot of results. Their service is also reputable and known. They can also handle international checks which are a big plus for foreign background checks. The only downside to their service is their premium price as it is designed for businesses.
  3. Inteligator– This service has one of the highest numbers for finished searches, with their website claiming almost an almost 180 million searches as of writing. Using a public database that has data covering 95% of the country’s population, they have abundant information to compile. They also have available features including assisted search and an extensive database. The only downside is the lack of available hard copies.
  4. BeenVerified– This is a service founded in 2007 that has 80+ million reports as of writing. They are known for having a reliable mobile app that makes searching more convenient. They also make comprehensive reports that contain accurate data. They also offer premium reports for more details for your searches.
  5. TruthFinder– This is another service that has a reliable pricing model that bases payment depending on months of subscription. Users are given incentive for subscribing for a longer duration. The interface of TruthFinder is easy to navigate through. Each report also has a timeline view which allows a more comprehensive arrangement of details. They also have a mobile app that is available for both iOS and Android.
  6. PeopleLooker – This service has a good mobile app that gives you access to a lot of useful information that makes reports much more accurate. It is also fast in generating data and also offers an affordable price.
  7. Instant Checkmate– This is another service that boasts the number of searches already done in their service, with 1 billion+ already as of writing. They are known for their accurate and simple reports and the amount of data they include. They take a lot more time compared to other services though, with the accuracy of the information being the reason.
  8. Intelius– This service also offers a mobile app available for both iOS and Android which makes it more convenient for users to do searches. One of the best things about Intelius is their opt-out policy that allows you to not share your personal information for their database.

     Based on Washington, US, they are currently rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau which put them among the top. Their services are quite high       in price, though.