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Background check services - What are the best options to consider?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated August 26, 2019

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One of the most significant benefits of an online background check service is the fact that it can generate a complex, accurate report on someone in a matter of minutes. If you were to do a research on someone, it would take you hours or even days of browsing the internet for data. There are so many available resources out there, that it is difficult to examine all of them by yourself without wasting precious amounts of time.

Online background check services are a convenient alternative because they do all the detective work and they are able to go through millions and millions of public records, online data and so on, in just a few seconds. They use public records such as county, state, federal records, social media data, deep web info and so on to extract all the information they can find on the searched person.

Once the information is found, it is then compiled into a single, arranged and organized report that you can easily read online. The information is usually displayed in a timeline, to make it easier to peruse.

Background check services can help you find out a lot of useful information about someone:

  • You can track down former classmates or childhood friends
  • You can get to know your neighbors
  • Find out information about a potential date
  • Find out information about a co-worker and more

A report usually includes everything from contact details and social media profiles to assets, drug tests, criminal records and more.

While these online background check services can be really efficient and useful, there are some limits in what you can do with the information in those reports. You cannot use them for screening candidates for a job, screening credit applicants, screening tenants and other similar activities. You can just use those reports for informative purposes only.

Best online background check services to consider


This online background check service is created by a company based in Massachusetts and it offers several search services: background checks, criminal records, reverse phone searches, email searches, marriage and divorce records, arrest records and court records check and people search.

Verispy is very transparent about its pricing and also offers 2 trial options: a 5-day unlimited access trial and a 7-day trial, both available for those who sign up for a monthly subscription. A 30-day unlimited access pass is priced at approximately $30, but there are other types of passes available as well.

Verispy is very fast and can complete a search in just 30 seconds. It has a very user-friendly interface and you get a full background report per month if you sign up for their services.


PeopleFinders is a very experienced online background check service that has been around for over 20 years. The company that developed it is based in California.

PeopleFinders offers several types of memberships, with the standard monthly one being priced at $25 per month.

There is also an affordable 3-day trial that will only cost you around $4.

PeopleFinders is great for searching someone based on its name, address, ZIP code, area code or you can perform a reverse phone search.


GoodHire is another trust-worthy background check service that has been rated with an A+ by the Better Business Bureau. The company that created the service has been on the market for almost 10 years.

GoodHire’s strongest selling point is the fact that it can perform international checks on education records and criminal history in more than 220 countries worldwide.

There are 3 plans available and they all charge you per report. The difference between them lies in the types of searches you are allowed to perform with each of the plans.

International checks are seen as an add-on and there are other add-ons available as well: federal criminal databases searches, global watch list searches, drug screenings, healthcare sanctions and others.

GoodHire has a straightforward interface that is also mobile responsive.