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Without a doubt, dogs are some of the most loyal friends that you could find in your life. They will always love you no matter what, they will always be eager to play and spend time with you, they will even protect you from anybody that wants to physically hurt you. Unfortunately, one thing that they cannot do is be there for you forever. 

Just like any living being, dogs get old. And just like most animals, they aged at a much faster rate than a regular human being. And when your dogs started to enter those advanced years, all kinds of ailments started to creep in. From simple joint pains and all the way to cancer. 

I'm sure you'd do everything in your power to heal or at least ease their pain by using the proper medication. But there might come a time when the effect of the medication itself becomes somewhat unbearable. You might think there isn't any other option other than the usual medicines. Well, CBD oil could be the right answer for your concern. 

As a bit of a side note, that right now we are working on our CBD section of the site, so we will have different reviews for both our USA visitors and our Canadian visitors. For right now, if you are looking for CBD dog treats in Canada, we suggest you check this site out for their suggested products. 

What is CBD oil

In 2018, the federal government of the United States of America finally legalized a limited use of cannabis. Particularly low-THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) hemp and its derived products such as Cannabidiol (CBD). The usage is mainly geared towards medication or a slight recreational purpose.

THC and CBD are two compounds found within a cannabis plant. THC is the one that will produce the psychoactive effects and sudden euphoria. The CBD, on the other hand, is the one that is responsible for the feeling of calm and relaxation. 

CBD oil is a product made out of the hemp plant, one of the primary plant species of cannabis. Hemp was processed and extracted in such a way so that the end result is an oil that is rich with the beneficial CBD compound without any of its psychoactive THC.

Due to the nature of CBD, you can use the CBD oil for all kinds of ailments. From a simple stress relief, to cure joint pains, and some say, even help with cancer. That being said, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of a purified CBD oil called Epidiolex for treating epilepsies. So broad claims aside, CBD oil has been proven and recognized as having the ability to treat at least one very major illness. 

What can CBD oil do for your dog's health

Inside a dog's body, there's a messenger system called endocannabinoid system. It is responsible for regulating appetite, pain, sleep and the immune system, among other things. The cannabinoids in CBD are extremely similar to the ones found inside your dog. 

Therefore, the endocannabinoids can come into contact with the receptors in your dog’s nervous systems. That's why CBD can affect the activity of the endocannabinoid system and stimulate the brain, the immune system, the digestive system, and even the nervous system  If you need more information about what cbd does for your dog we suggest you take a read of that article.

What are the benefits of CBD oil for your dog’s health

Because of the relationship between the cannabinoids in CBD and the endocannabinoids system inside your dog's body, CBD can alleviate lots of health problems that are happening to your dogs. Dr. Jerry Klein, Chief Veterinary Officer from the American Kennel Club, explained that CBD is useful because it is beneficial for your dog’s appetite, good for the heart, reducing anxiety, and possibly lessening the risk of cancer as well. But further research is still needed.

Anti-inflammatory effect in CBD also means that it's good for healing joint problems. So if your dog has arthritis or maybe just a simple sprains and strains, using CBD oil can significantly reduce the pain without giving any kind of side effect that you'd usually get from traditional medicine.

And as stated before, the FDA has also approved CBD as a way to treat epilepsy. So if your dog suffers from seizures and epilepsy, CBD oil will significantly reduce the severity and the frequency of seizures. Conventional medicine may be able to give the same effect as CBD oil, but it would also be extremely harmful for your dog's liver. CBD oil won't have that side effect at all.

Another huge benefit of CBD oil for your dog is to treat anxiety and allergies. As mentioned before, the cannabinoids in CBD oil are great for relieving stress and anxiety. And since the endocannabinoid receptors are also found in the skin, this means CBD oil also has the ability to treat your dog's allergies and skin conditions

Is CBD oil safe for dogs

CBD oil, and the cannabinoids within it, are generally safe not only for dogs, but also for humans as well. Of course, there are things that you should consider as well, such as taking the right doses and the purity of the CBD. But if you use it properly, then CBD oil would be hugely beneficial for your dogs. 

That being said, just like when a human uses it, you should expect some possible side effects to your dogs. The main ones are dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, and drowsiness. CBD could cause your dog’s mouth to lower its saliva production, which not only makes the mouth dry but it would also make them more thirsty than usual.

A high dose of CBD could also temporarily drop your dog’s blood pressure. That being said, it won’t have any bad effect, they would simply feel light-headed for a bit. And while CBD could give a calming effect to your dog, a higher dosage could also cause a mild drowsiness. 

Research and regulation on CBD

Although cannabis has been widely used for decades, both for recreational and medical purposes, most governments around the world still treat it as dangerous drugs. That means its usage and distribution was illegal. Using it, no matter what the reason is, could lead you to trouble with the authorities. 

As such, the research on the beneficial usage of the compounds within the cannabis, particularly CBD, was very hard to do. But thanks to the overwhelming evidence of its benefits, particularly in relieving the pain and reducing the stress and anxiety of veterans and anyone with PTSD, the United States government finally legalized the limited use of cannabis and its derivative products in the form of THC and CBD on the federal level.

Unfortunately, different states have different policies regarding CBD and THC. And this creates a situation where customers couldn't find the proper guidelines for properly using it while the research necessary for the development and consumption of CBD is lagging behind the customer's interest in the products. 

But things are starting to change in a good direction. As the government slowly but surely drafting the proper rules and regulations about every facet of cannabis use, especially CBD. There are also numerous researches conducted on this topic right now. So we can certainly expect good things in the near future.

Tips on buying CBD oil for your dogs

Since there are still not many proper guidelines and regulations regarding the use of CBD products, it is up to you as the consumer to take proper caution when buying and using the CBD oil for your dog. Here's some tips on buying CBD oil for your dogs from the American Kennel Club (AKC):

  1. Only use the organic CBD oil. Just like any other type of plant, CBD could also have the potential to be contaminated by pesticides or any other similar substances. So in order to get the full benefits of the CBD, you'd need to look for the highest quality plant, which means only the organic ones.
  2. Don't base your purchase decision solely on price. When it comes to shopping in general, most people tend to choose the most affordable one. But you shouldn't do that with CBD. Usually, the manufacturer tends to cut corners in order to offer cheaper prices, such as using substances like pesticides. So a higher price often means a higher quality.
  3. Don't forget to get the proper analysis. Make sure to ask for the certificate from the manufacturer. That way, you'd know how much CBD is actually present within the product. You'd also need to know whether or not it has any THC inside.
  4. Buy and use CBD as liquid. When it comes to CBD for dogs, there are actually several different options that you could choose from. One of the most popular ones is in the form of dog food. But please remember to always get the liquid one so you can precisely adjust the dose based on the drops.

Although there is an apparent spike in the use of CBD oil and other CBD-related products in the market, there is still not enough research and regulation in the market right now. But from all the data and user experiences that we could gather right now, it is clear that there are huge benefits to using CBD oil for your dogs. Not only for your dog's physical health, but it could also help with their stress and anxiety as well. Overall we would say that there are a lot of benefits for your dog when you start using cbd oil for their issues.

However, as we always say, before you do anything please ensure that you have spoken to the person who helps you with your dogs help/health. CBD can be a great thing for dogs, just like multi vitamins for humans, but there are times where supplements just won't cut it when it comes to certain medical conditions. We only suggest to take a look at it and our review is not meant to take the place of any medical professionals diagnosis.