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Tips For Novice Metal Detectorists - Staying Safe And Having Fun

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 17, 2022

Looking for treasure with a metal detector


Have you ever tried metal detecting before? If the answer is no then you’re missing out on a really fun adventure. During the process of metal detecting, you could find anything from coins, and jewelry to historic belongings. The skills and the experiences you’ll learn while detecting metals makes it an exceptional experience; you never know what you might end up finding buried under the ground. Metal-detecting excursions are a lot of fun and exercise as well but you need to learn more about the entire process and the cause behind it.

Metal detectors are machines used to detect several types and grades of metals. While walking around with your device, it will start beeping once the metal is detected. Usually, they’re used by the police or military officers for safety measures as they can be really useful to detect any alarming metals that can be dangerous in places like airports. They’re often seen at construction sites, or with people who just enjoy detecting as a hobby. Read through our article for tips for novice metal detectorists - staying safe while having some fun. 

Using a metal detector on a beach

Learn About Metal Detectors Before Using Them

This is the number one rule people should be following before trying any new device or apparatus. Knowing how to operate any device keeps you and your device safe. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen your best buddies using metal detectors before and they’ve told you all they know about them, you should understand how to properly use and operate the device. To enjoy using a metal detector for your new adventure you must know the properties, functions, and capabilities of the apparatus. Reading through the instruction manual is a good start, also some tutorials on YouTube can be very helpful as well.

Where To Use Metal Detectors?

There are plenty of places to hunt and search, but you have to be careful and make sure you and everyone else are safe while you’re on your adventure. Lodges and camps are a perfect place for using a metal detector but just avoid going during the hunting season; the local hunters might not be so welcoming at this time of the year. While on the beach, you can gather a lot of findings by diving into the water or making sand castles there. How about using a metal detector on what is known as the towel line? This has to be one of the items on your Detector List where everyone is prepared to relax under the sun, they just grab their towels before knowing what might fall off. That’s when a lot of precious belongings disappear buried under the sand. Fairs, ski resorts, campgrounds, old and historical sites, these are all places where you end up finding real good stuff.

Go Slow

If you haven’t tried using a metal detector before, you’ll probably think it's easy, and doesn’t require skills to try, after all, it’s not rocket science - you might think you just hold the device and keep moving around until it beeps, but that’s not true. After selecting your treasure hunt location, you need to move really slowly and make sure your detector’s coil doesn’t touch the ground. If you move fast and keep bumping the coil onto the ground then you’ll miss out and the hunt will not be that efficient.

Finally, Got a Signal

One of the tools you’ll need on your hunt is a hand digger, if you hear a beeping sound, kneel down and start digging right in the spot. Start making clockwise cuts, like a U-shape, use the digger to open the plug so that it falls in the right position. You will need a pinpointer to inspect the plug; if nothing is there you should dig a bit deeper. Get a bag, a pouch, or a sack to place your findings. One of the best tips to clean your findings is having a toothbrush and a small, soft cloth. If you find something valuable in this location, keep on searching with your detector, you might find other items. All you need is the right equipment and the patience to go with your fun excursion.

Metal Detecting is Joyful

If you don’t see how this can turn out to be the most needed hobby for you, just give it a chance, you have nothing to lose. The joy behind detecting is not all about the treasure you think you can find. The real joy comes with the practice itself, the fun of the adventure, and the time you spend away from stress and daily tasks. The best part is you can do it with your family; it is a discovery trip to learn from and enjoy. Taking your kids out in nature away from closed doors and screens will elicit their challenge, and keep them alert, and focused. It’s a great mind and body activity. For kids, adults, and even seniors, metal detecting has it all since it activates mental stimulation, encourages problem-solving, and evokes imagination. In today’s rapidly changing world and technological takeover, human qualities like perseverance and patience are slightly diminishing.

Metal detecting can drive to different areas that you never discovered or thought of going to before. Finding others' belongings and valuables will elicit your mind to think and learn about different people and places. Old findings and historical belongings can introduce you to different cultures, stimulating your imagination to create pictures about the past. Before heading into a new location, search for facts and information about the history of the place; if you’re lucky to find something on your detecting journey, you can figure out what it is and how long it’s been buried there. 

The most important thing before heading into a new place for detection is to follow the regulations there. If there’s permission or any safety measures needed, make sure you’re well prepared. Before buying a metal detector, you should know how it functions and what its properties of the device are. If your young ones are joining you in the adventure, it’s better to buy them a kids detector, and spend time teaching them how to use it in the backyard for their own safety.