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Scottrade Overview – Is it a good online stock trading service to consider?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated May 10, 2019

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Online stock trading brokers are looked by users as a fast and simple way of trading stocks. This is why they should have an easy interface, unique features, and good pricing. Scottrade is one of these online brokers that is known to have all of these features.


Scottrade offers four platforms for stock trading, depending on the experience of the user:

  1. Scottrade

Their basic platform is best used by the average user. The tools involved in this plan include basic stats and account monitoring tools. It is beginner-friendly and simple to use.

  1. Scottrader

Their second platform offers a customizable platform made for fitting any user’s personal preferences. It also involves Dow Jones news, personal stock lists, and live-stream quotes that can help a user plan well. This can still be friendly for beginners and experienced ones alike.

  1. Scottrade Elite

This is best for those who are a little more experienced and those with advanced knowledge in online trading. It has both Comtex and Dow Jones news, Level II quotes, and scanners.

  1. OptionsFirst

This one is specifically for those who will do options trading with options like hot lists, market watch, risk assessment, and the likes.

All of the platforms for Scottrade are friendly for both the beginner and the experienced online trader. This makes it easier to transition into their service no matter where you started from.


A good online trading platform has an interface and a set of tools that are easy to use. This is the case for Scottrade which manages to include account and trading information on their homepage, windows that have quick access to important tools, and up to 23 tables for you to view at a time. Organizing your window is incredibly easy because of their drag-and-drop function.

They are also available to be used in smaller gadgets like Android, iPad, and iPhone. This allows trading to be easier and more convenient for users. Features that can be done in these gadgets are not necessarily limited as they allow users to monitor their performance, trade securities, integrated with a bank account, and transfer funds from bank to their brokerage account.

Newer investors are given a chance to learn more about the trade using their education resources in the knowledge center. Inside this is a collection of tutorials and articles for the users to learn from. Examples of information stored here are videos of online stocks, dos-and-don’ts, trading basics, and the likes. You can also attend webinars and events done online. You can use this for online trading and analysis of market trends and possible strategies. This makes their services easy to understand even for amateurs and beginners.


Scottrade has a price range that is average among other services. Each stock bought online is priced at $7. Having the assistance of a broker for your transactions requires you to pay $32 which is a bit higher than its competitors. There is also an initial deposit of $500 for you to be able to open an account. Scottrade offers bonds, investing, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and the likes.


  • Their service is beginner-friendly
  • They have an accessible knowledge center
  • Their four platforms allow users to be more flexible


  • Their broker-assisted fees are a bit higher compared to competitors
  • They require an initial deposit