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Is Tradestation a good service to consider?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated April 21, 2019

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The constant need for vigilance and observation in the stock market makes traders look for the ones that have the best interface and the ones that are filled with features best for them, especially the active ones. One of the best ones in the market nowadays is TradeStation.

Known as a service that started back in 1982 under the parent company Monex Group, TradeStation boasts its SIPC investor protection that can offer up to half a million per account. It is also known to be regulated by US FINRA which is one of the most secure.

General Impression

What instantly sets it apart from its competitors its easy interface. It is designed to be able to be used by even starters because of its amount of features and its education section that can teach a lot of necessary basics in trading.

Complaints for TradeStation mostly point out its need for $500 as to begin trading which may instantly scare those who are still new in trading. It is also quite expensive in comparison to other services. TradeStation doesn’t have forex which might be an instant deal breaker for some.

The TradeStation desktop platform is completely customizable, so you can adjust and move the windows and add gadgets to help with your research and online stock trading. The streaming ticker provides real-time quotes, and you can view your own analytic charts and create your own watch lists with alerts. With its tiered pricing for stocks, options and other equities, the more you trade, the better the value, so TradeStation is one of the better values in online stock trading for high-volume traders.

Tradestation platform

The platform for the application is customizable, allowing you to be able to move through windows and functions in order for you to trade better. You are showed real-time quote activities. There are however, a lot of features in the application that will require some prior knowledge to trading in order to understand. For example, watch lists are hard to configure. When mastered and understood, though, the platform proves itself to be one of the most flexible and customizable interfaces.


TradeStation charges $5 for every 500 shares which is considered the standard. High volume traders will be delighted to know that those who trade more than 100,000 shares per month will have a decrease in fees. Per options contracts are priced at $0.5. A charge of $50 will be applied to your account if you have less than $2000 at the end of the month or if it has been inactive.

Education resources

TradeStation offers video tutorials and books from which you can learn more about trading online. You are also given access to real-time news that can help you to choose when to buy and sell stocks. A TradeStation Trade Wiki also exists for those who want to know more about technical and basics.

Overall impression

TradeStation is best for those dealing with high-volume trades and for those who are experienced in terms of online trading. You will feel more at ease with its complicated but plentiful features that allow you to have more customizing control over your stocks. Its platform is also a standout.

What might make you avoid it, though, is its expensive account minimum. This might be a deal-breaker for those that may want to start small.