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Veracity Credit Consultants Overview

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated June 7, 2019

Veracity Credit Consultants credit repair service hand holding credit repair puzzle pieces


  •    One of the most affordable credit report services
  •    Has a lot of material to learn more about credit repair
  •    Has an online portal for viewing credit progress


  •    The need to purchase more expensive plans for actual credit repair


Veracity Credit Consultants is a recommendable service for those looking for affordable prices. It is good at supplying and educating customers on credit repairing. It requires higher payment rates for actually doing this, though.


Credit repair companies are services that can be hired to clear your name of negative and inaccurate information from credit reports. This may help you be qualified in loan applications and mortgage rates.

Veracity Credit Consultants is a credit repair agency based in Denver, Colorado. The company was founded in 2003. They specialize in expert analysis, credit reports, and personalized credit optimization plan.


Veracity Credit Consultants is one of the most affordable credit repair services. Because most potential customers are likely wary of spending too much on such services, it is definitely recommended for this reason.

Their services can be availed for either a Select or Platinum plan. The Select plan is priced at $69 for signup and $49 for monthly fees. The Platinum plan is priced at $99 plan for signup and $79 for monthly fees.


The Select plan gives you access to expert, analysis, online access to accounts, and credit reports. The Platinum has additional features like personalized credit optimization plans, credit monitoring, and priority processing.

The following is the features of the two services:

Select Plan

  •    Credit report
  •    Consultations from experts
  •    Credit analysis
  •    Secure account access
  •    Advanced credit report access
  •    Educational materials about credit repair and laws
  •    Online tracking
  •    Disputes

Platinum Plan

  •    Monthly progress reports
  •    Educational tutorials monthly
  •    Priority processing
  •    Access to credit specialists
  •    Credit optimization plans
  •    Creditor interventions

It is relatively easy to use their service. To start, you will need to submit your credit report for evaluation and analysis. You are immediately assigned a personal case advisor for you to have more insights into the different factors in relation to your credit. Through this, you are assured to have immediately quality answers for your questions. You can also check your progress through an online portal.  

Any questions in relation to your credit can be asked through a toll-free phone service or through online chat. This is a great way to instantly receive advises as credit bureaus can take 30 days to respond to your inquiries.

They also offer a credit education program for those who may want to know more. It has an education centre that teaches about credit repair. This is done through courses, discussions, and articles in relation to credit laws.

The main job of removing items and factors that may lower your credit score can only be done by purchasing more expensive plans. The standard plan depends more on working with credit bureaus and doing the job manually. This plan is better for asking for credit advice and learning the basics of credit scores.

The monthly credit monitoring features are great at analyzing the progress of your credit scores. Factors that may lower it in any way are immediately reported. Although this is available for their Platinum plan, users should be aware that this service is offered in other companies with their regular pricing plans.


Veracity Credit Consultants offers two plans for their services: the Standard and the Platinum plan. The Standard plan offers services that can educate users on credit repairs. They are also given credit advised by experts. The Platinum, which is more expensive, does a better job in repairing credit by giving credit optimization plans, creditor interventions, and monthly progress reports.