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What is the most reliable washing machine on the market?

Matt Avatar By: Matt | Last updated August 7, 2019

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There are some basic aspects you have to consider when buying a new washer. First, you have to decide between the type of washer you want: top-load or front-load? Then, you have to consider your budget, your space and how reliable the washer is. Washing machines are not purchases you make on a yearly basis and you have to do a thorough research to find a durable, reliable machine for your household, to be able to enjoy it for years and years to come.

Front-load vs top-load?

The price and the available space in your laundry room will impact the type of washer you want to buy. Top-load washers are more affordable than front-load washers and they also take up less space, because they are usually smaller. However, that also means a smaller capacity, so you’ll have to do more loads of laundry.

Front-load washers are harder to load especially if you have knee or back problems, because you have to bend every time you have to load the machine. On the other hand though, they are less noisy, they are gentler on your clothes and more energy efficient. But they are also more expensive.

Which are some of the most reliable washers on the market today?

When it comes to brands, there are some major players out there, who seem to have taken over the market. For many years, Whirlpool machines were very popular, as were Maytag washers. However, in more recent years, Korean manufacturers such as Samsung and LG, have surpassed them.

The first two still seem to be the better choice in terms of technical support. In case you need certain parts or a repair to your washer, Maytag and Whirlpool move faster than LG and Samsung, because the latter two have worse turnaround times.

But in terms of features, technology and even reliability, LG and Samsung have taken the lead.

Most Samsung and LG washing machines come with warranties of up to 10 years on the motor.

Samsung FlexWash - one of the best Samsung washers to consider

The FlexWash is a great front-load washer with a large capacity, a durable construction, an attractive design and a lot of smart functions.

It has two washers in one: a main lower washer and an upper one, WiFi connectivity (works with Samsung’s Smart Home app) and comes in two capacities: a 6.0 cu. ft. and a 5.5 version. It has a full touch display, it is Energy Star Certified and has 12 wash cycles.

As drawbacks, we can mention the price and the fact that it is a bit too large to fit in tighter spaces.

The FlexWash can be purchased for approximately $1,550 on Samsung’s official website.

LG Turbo Wash WM3770HVA - One of the best LG washers to consider

The Turbo Wash from LG is another high-end appliance. It has a large capacity, which means you can fit a lot of laundry in it, it is fast and quiet and packed with useful features.

The Turbo Wash is a front-load washer that has 12 wash programs, a max. RPM of 1,300 and LED light illuminated controls. The fastest cycle takes only 15 minutes to complete, hence the name.

This washer is compatible with the LG SideKick, which is LG’s Pedestal washer that can be attached to the WM3770HVA. It has to be purchased separately of course, but it may be a useful addition for people who have a lot of laundry and want to be able to do 2 loads simultaneously (the SideKick has only 6 wash cycles).

The LG Turbo Wash has a price of approximately $1,150. The SideKick is an additional $660.