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Samsung WF42H5000AW Overview

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated June 7, 2019

clean folded laundry towels washing machine Samsung WF42H5000AW


  •    Sleek and modern design
  •    Good price
  •    Good cleaning performance
  •    Has quality features
  •    Energy efficient


  •    Features are limited


The Samsung WF42H500 is one of the best washing machines for those looking for quality cleaning and energy efficiency for a low price. Its design is durable and built to last. The only downgrades for the machine are its lack of newer features like Sanitize, Steam Cleaning, and WiFi integration.


The Samsung WF42H5000 AW boasts an impressive design that sets it apart from other machines in its price range. Add this to the fact that it has impressive cleaning power and simple controls and it is automatically a must-buy for most.

It is a front-load washer which removes the necessity for an agitator to rotate the clothes inside.

As with their other units, the machine has a sleek and modern design. It easily shines among competitors because of its smooth curves and tasteful metallic touches. It is of medium size, with its dimensions being 38.7 x 27 x 33 inches (Height x Width x Depth). Be sure to measure the size of your doors and laundry room before buying the unit.

It has a diamond drum texture inside that helps it to clean gentle fabric without damaging it. Clothes put inside the machine are cleaned by the drum’s movement.


The machine uses VRT Technology which is unique to Samsung. It ensures that the unit will be able to do laundry quietly. Reducing the vibrations of the motor lessens the noise made during washing sessions.

It also has a Self Clean+ technology that reminds its users whenever the machine needs to wash. This is to prevent it from harboring inside bacteria and fungi which can cause odors for the clothes being washed.

It is certified as ‘Energy Star most efficient’ meaning that electricity is conserved whenever using the machine. An average of only 85 kWh/year will be used.

Compared to other machines, it can wash more clothes because of its 4.2 cu. ft. dimension. The machine’s interior is made of stainless metal instead of plastic as to increase washing speeds and durability.

It has a dispenser for fabric softeners, bleach, and detergent. The machine is programmed to release each at appropriate times during washing cycles. This lessens the need to constantly monitor your laundry. It immediately alerts its user whenever it is done the washing. This is useful especially for those who will store the unit in a basement or a place out of sight. This volume can be adjusted based on preference.

Its control panel is one of the easiest to learn. It is divided into the dispenser trays, an LED display, and the area for programs.

It has 8 washing cycles namely normal, heavy duty, rinse + spin, quick wash, bedding, perm press, active wear, and delicates. Both the Heavy Duty and the Normal cycle is remarkable for delivering good performance depending on how much time you allow it to wash.

The temperature can be set to cold, eco warm, warm and hot. Spin setting includes no spin, low, medium, and high. Soil settings include light, normal, and heavy.

Because of its lower price in comparison to other machines, it lacks certain functions like WiFi connection, Steam Cleaning, and a Sanitize Function. Even so, the quality of the features and the ease of using them with the machine makes up for this.

It has a one-year warranty.


The Samsung WF42H500 stands out because of the cleaning prowess of its Normal and Heavy Wash cycles. It is a good catch for its price because of its energy efficiency, features, and sleek design. Those looking for WiFi integration and newer features like Sanitize and Steam Cleaning may be disappointed though. The machine is recommended for small families.