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Review for Samsung WF7500 Front Load Washing Machine

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated April 1, 2019

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When it comes to washing machines, those which are costlier are expected to wash clothes better and have more variety. The Samsung WF7500 rightfully defends its high price and proves itself to be worthy of being a luxury washing machine.

The washing machine is a front load washer. This makes it capable of taking a lot of clothes, especially given its large size.


The Samsung WF7500 stays true to its elegant image. It comes in either black or white. Its design is minimalist and modern-looking. Its set of buttons is displayed simply and accordingly, with newer users being able to grasp the controls instantly.


This washing machine is filled with lots of features. Starting off in this special set is the AddWash feature, which allows users to occasionally put small pieces of clothes that may have been separated from the rest of the clothes to be washed along with the rest. It lets you do this without starting a new cycle.

The washing machine also has a Super Speed wash style that lets you finish laundry within only thirty minutes. This helps people who may want to finish laundry as soon as they can.

The machine also has a steam wash function. From the bottom of the tub, hot steam rises in order for every item in your load to be saturated properly. This will lead to better cleaning of the laundry.

Being a Samsung product, the washing machine is capable of connecting to your phone. Once connected, you can see the remaining minutes for your wash. You can also schedule washes and receive alerts whenever a load is finished.

Samsung also takes pride in the machine’s PowerFoam technology, which allows the clothes to be penetrated by soap. The machine uses air, water, and detergent in order to fully wash the laundry. This will be helpful for heavier garments like denim and leather which may require utmost cleaning.

The interior of the machine has small water holes to ensure that clothes will not be damaged during spins. It will also help you wash loads with utmost cleanliness.

The VRT Plus Technology of Samsung also allows the machine to be quiet. This is because vibrations are reduced by 40%. Even at high speeds, the machine is guaranteed to stay quiet. This may make it more suitable to be used even during the night.


The machine has 5.0 cu. ft. capacity which means that you will be having fewer loads during laundry days. This will also help reduce the use of water.

Should you buy the Samsung KF7500?

The brand is best used for those looking for luxury front load machines. The WF7500 is capable of washing large loads at once, meaning less laundry sets for users. It is filled with features that are helpful. It is also innovative in terms of its design and usability. It is easy to understand for new users. Last but not the least, it has an elegant design.