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Review for Kenmore Elite 31633 – Best Stain Removal

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated March 26, 2019

kenmore elite 31633 top load washing machine control panel black settings controls

Top-load washing machines are slowly getting out of fashion as fully automatic front load ones tend to carry more features and innovations. Still, brands like Kenmore release high-quality ones that make it worth the price for those who may prefer these semi-automatic washing machines.


At first glance, the Kenmore Elite 31633 stands true to its name. It has a sleek and clean look that feels shiny and new when cleaned. This appearance adds a lot to its charm and its image of being expensive, trading away simplicity for lavish elegance.

It has a black touchscreen panel which allows you to choose washing styles and set the time. It also has a shiny knob that makes it easier to switch through laundry styles. The only cited issue in relation to this is the touchscreen-interface being a bit too responsive. When adding speed and intensity for washing, this may cause some issues, especially when your hands are wet from handling the clothes.

The controls are also easy to understand because of the simple function of the machines.

The Kenmore Elite 31633 is notable for its large size. This may be a benefit for those who have a lot of laundry to do and for those who like to do it in large batches. This may, however, be a problem for those living in condos and apartments with small spaces for laundry. You might be advised to measure your laundry room first before buying it.


The machine has ten laundry styles including normal/casual, bulky/bedding, heavy duty, sanitize, cold clean, delicates, express, rinse & spin, and clean washer.

The abundance of possible washing styles makes the washing machine a worthy buy. Aside from this, the performance of the machine also proves its excellence in removing stains and dirt in clothes based on tests.

Additional features like accela-wash, deep fill, steam treat, timed oxi, two rinses, and the option for fabric softeners are also available.


The washer is one of the best in terms of eliminating stains. This might because of its powerful motor (which is silent in comparison to other machines, a definite plus). The sanitization function along with the steam function ensures that the laundry is cleaned thoroughly. The washing machine is also known to be gentle with fabrics.

Even with its strength and efficiency in washing clothes, the machine is still Energy Star Certified which means that it will add not add too much to your electricity bill.


What makes Kenmore Elite 36133 a standout is its wonderful stain cleaning performance along with its gentle laundry wash. Its sleek and elegant design makes it a standout for those who particularly care about product aesthetics. Aside from this, its simple controls and intuitive functions makes it easy to use for those who are amateurs to newer technology. The only cons that can be seen for this product is its large size which may be unfriendly for those living in dorms and apartments.