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Kenmore Elite 31633 – Should you buy this washer?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated April 16, 2019

top-load washing machine kenmore elite 31633 metallic gray

In terms of washing machines, buying one will usually depend upon the people using it. Those who live in apartments and condos alone will prefer those that are smaller and easier to fit inside rooms while families will prefer larger ones that are more heavy-duty and reliable.

The Kenmore Elite 31633 presents itself as an excellent high-end washing machine for families.


The Kenmore Elite 31633 has a large capacity that is top-load type. It has a 6.2 cubic feet capacity which is more than enough for families of four. Its size is best for those who have big laundry rooms and for those who generate more laundry within the span of a week.

This may be bad news, however, for those who have less space for laundry inside their house. The product is not recommended for those living alone and for those living in limited spaces.


It has up to 11 wash cycles which can definitely wash every type of dirt that can be seen in laundry. It has five soil levels that depend upon users’ preference. It has variety in terms of temperature for wash-and-rinse which may be necessary for different types of fabrics as some can be destroyed in hot water.

It also has a SmartDry Ultra Technology which automatically adjusts the heat whenever drying clothes. It also uses the Quad Action Impeller Technology that uses spray jets on the sides in order to clean clothes better. Its patterns for washing along with its reduction of noisy vibrations makes it a good choice for weekly washing and for quality wash outputs.

The top-load washer uses 290 kilowatt hours of energy annually which is quite efficient for a machine with its capability.

The washing machine can be controlled with touch-screen buttons that may be too responsive for some. It can control the washing settings, including Spin Speed, Steam Treat, Accela-Wash, Fabric Softener, Two Rinses, Soil Level, and Wash Temp.


Then Kenmore Elite 31633 does not disappoint with its design. With its high price, the sleek and modern feel of its exterior proves its price and its title. It comes in two designs: metallic white and graphic steel (white).


With its high-price and huge size, a good performance is to be expected. The Kenmore Elite 31633 does not disappoint. Its cleaning is very reliable. Its abundance of functions makes it easy to adjust for any type of clothing. It can clean most types of stains including those that are especially hard to remove (like wine stains and soil).


In the end, the Kenmore Elite 31633 is best for families that regularly use the washing machine. It is reliable in terms of cleaning quality and functionality. It also comes in a sleek and high-end design. It is best for those who have lots of space in their house.

The cons that may be seen in the machine are its high-price and its huge size. Its size is particularly a deal-breaker for some who may simple have insufficient space in their house for it.