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Is Miele WDB020 Eco a good washer to consider?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated August 13, 2019

miele wdb020 eco washer washing machine front-load white color

Front-load washers tend to be more popular than top-load washing machines. There are several reasons why: they are usually gentler on the laundry, because they don’t have an agitator, they are larger in capacity, quieter and more energy efficient. Miele is a very reputable brand when it comes to home appliances and it has a lot of high-quality washers on the market.

Miele is a German brand and has a lot of history backing it up. The company has been around for more than 120 years and it manufactures a wide range of products, from ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers to washing machines, vacuum cleaners and much more.

Miele manufactures top-end washing machines that are sustainable and efficient, durable and easy to use.

WDB020 Eco - Is it a good washer to consider?

The WDB020 washer is a front-load type and a very economical cleaning device. The WDB020 Eco is a class A+++ washer, which makes it even more appreciated. Although all Miele washers are premium, the WDB020 is a more budget-friendly model and a simple machine.

What are the features of the WDB020 Eco?

The WDB020 has a lotus white color and an aluminum silver door. The display has touch controls (DirectSensor) that are easy to adjust and a big rotary selector knob. This washer is very user friendly and doesn’t have an overcrowded control panel as it is the case with other washing machines.

The overall feeling of the WDB020 is one of durability and of a premium design.

The WDB020 has a capacity of 15.4 pounds, which is average at best, so nothing impressive here. The washer weighs a bit under 200 lbs and has a max. spin speed of 1,400 RPM.

The WDB020 has 12 wash programs: cottons, minimum iron, delicates, shirts, woolens (hand-washable), Express 20, dark garments/denim, outerwear, proofing, cottons eco, separate rinse/starch, drain/spin.

There are also several wash options to choose from: short, soak, pre-wash, water plus and additional rinse cycle.

As we’ve already mentioned it, the WDB020 is an Eco washer. The annual energy consumption in kWh is 175 and 10.340 liters when it comes to annual water consumption.

The energy consumption for a full load in the standard Cottons 60 degrees program is 0.90 kWh.

Among the note-worthy features of the WDB020 we can mention:

  • The Express 20 program, which is capable of doing a 7.7 pounds load in only 20 minutes
  • The eco mode that takes around 3 hours to complete
  • The delay start up to 24 hours feature
  • The PIN code lock for safety
  • The self-clean cycle
  • The CapDosing technology; for the best cleaning results, you should use Miele’s own capsules which are superior to regular detergents. There is a dedicated compartment in the detergent drawer for these capsules and there are various types of capsules you can buy: Silk, Outdoor, Sports, Down and others

How much does the WDB020 cost?

The Miele WDB020 is an affordable washer, considering its quality and brand reputation. The washer can be purchased for under $800.