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Best GE 4.5 front-load washers to consider

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated February 15, 2019

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Front-load washers remain the most popular, best-selling type of washing machines. The top-load-front-load debate still goes on, but front-load machines seem to have more going on in their favor.

What are the advantages of using a front-load washer?

The biggest advantage of front-load washers is the way they perform. They obtain better washing scores than top-load washers and they seem to be gentler on your clothes, thanks to the lack of the agitator.

A lot of people prefer them for their larger capacities as well. You can fit more clothes into a front-load machine than in a top-load one.

Front-load washers are also more energy efficient; they need less water and detergent.

While there are plenty of benefits to using front-load washers, in order to be fully fair, we also have to mention some of their drawbacks: the biggest one is space related, as front-load washers won’t fit in just any space. If you have limited space, you’d be advised to go with a top-load washer instead.

Another minor drawback would be the fact that you have to bend every time you have to load/unload the laundry, which may be hard or annoying for some people.

The interior of front-load washers tends to become smelly after a while, especially if you don’t care for them the way you have to.

Best GE front-load washers to consider

General Electric (GE) is a reputable brand when it comes to washing machines. The multinational company is based in the US (Boston) and it is involved in a plethora of segments: healthcare, transportation, power, aviation, the digital industry and more.

GE Appliances is a division of General Electric and it is headquartered in Kentucky. Among many others, it also manufactures front-load and top-load washing machines.

Here are some of their best front-load washers with a 4.5 cu. ft. capacity:

GE Energy Star 4.5 DOE cu. ft. (GFW450SSMWW)

Price: The GFW450SSMWW is a front-load washer priced at $999 on the official GE Appliance website.

It has a 4. 5 cu. ft. capacity and measures 39 ¾ x 33 ½ inches (W X H X D). Here are its main specs:

  • Net weight: 245 lb.
  • Depth with door open at 90 degrees: 50 7/8 inches
  • Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet (cu. ft.)
  • Control type: rotary-electronic w/LEDs
  • Number of cycles: 10
  • Water heater
  • Maximum spin speed: 1300 RPM
  • Spin speeds: 5
  • Wash/rinse temperatures: 5
  • White pocket handle door

The GFW450SSMWW can be paired with its matching dryer (the GFD45ESSMWW).

You can get this washer in white or black, to match your décor.

Read our review.

Highlights: The GFW450SSMWW has a spin speed of 1300 RPM and it comes with a steam feature. Other useful features:

  • the Tumble Care (tumbles your laundry for up to 8 hours, to keep them fresh, in case you can take it out of the washer right away)
  • the Sanitize cycle, which claims to remove 99.9% of bacteria
  • 10 washing cycles to choose from, including normal, towels, active wear, bulky items, sanitize, tub clean, rinse + spin, quick wash, delicates (hand wash) and whites
  • Large 4.5 cu. ft. capacity

GE 4.5 DOE cu. ft. capacity (GFW430SSMWW)

It is a simpler and more affordable version of the GFW450SSMWW. It doesn’t include the Steam feature.

Price: $899 (manufacturer’s suggested retail price)

It also has a 4. 5 cu. ft. capacity and here are its main features:

  • 10 washing cycles (including bulky/bedding, colors/normals, Delicates, Whites, Towels and Sheets and more)
  • One of the most useful cycles is Sanitize with Oxi, also for removing 99.9% of bacteria
  • Extended Tumble is another useful feature that does the same thing as the Tumble function on the GFW450SSMWW
  • This washer comes with Adaptive Vibration Control, meaning it optimizes its spin patterns according to the floor type in your house. That helps in reducing vibration and makes the washer less noisy