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BISSEL PowerFresh 1940 – Is it a good steam mop to consider?

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated May 8, 2019

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BISSELL PowerFresh 1940 is one of the best steam mops that we have reviewed. It boasts quality cleaning results for a good price. Capable of cleaning laminated floors and kitchen floors, it is definitely a must-buy.

Quality of cleaning

Its cleaning power is proved by being able to clean most cases that is faced with in the household scenario. We tested it on the kitchen floor where mess is often seen. The mop was able to clean common stains like ketchup and mud. It also removed hard-to-remove ones like dried mustard left overnight, spaghetti sauce, and juice. Though a little more effort is needed on the user’s part, the product was still able to deliver quality results.

The quality results is mostly attributed to its dependable steam output. Most steam mops that we have tested had problems with its release, with some of them releasing too much or too little. Having too little steam can cause some stains to be left even after being cleaned. Having too much can result to a wet and slippery floor. The BISSELL PowerFresh produces just enough to clean all stains and dirt without making the floor wet.

The design for the unit is ergonomic and easy-on-the-hands. In most floor scenarios, the mop was able to navigate easily without bumping too much. Its head is 13 inches wide, capable of entering tight corners while cleaning a lot of area. It is also light and durable, weighing at 6 pounds. Its parts are easy to assemble and remove for future uses.

Because of its lightness, a little bit of space is removed from its water tank. This results to less hold for water. However, this proves to not be the case, as the mop was still able to run for a long time without the need for frequent refilling. Even though you may need refills, the removable tank allows you to run it again easily.


The PowerFresh has cleaning pads attached to its steamers, which are responsible for cleaning at high temperatures. This is to kill germs present on the floor. This function allows you to use less or no additional chemicals at all for cleaning. This can lessen costs for cleaning as traditional mops may require to use bleach or additional agents for cleaning. It also allows you to be friendlier to the environment and to those who have sensitivities to cleaning chemicals.

The PowerFresh comes with fragrance disks on its cleaning pads that allow you to spread aroma in your floor and in your house.

The hot steam that comes from the mop is one of the hottest among most that we have reviewed.

Steam levels are adjustable for each type of stain. This allows you to prevent cases of wet floors. The heating time for the product is also relatively quick and sufficient for cleaning.

After plugging, the PowerFresh is able for use after 30 seconds. Although not as fast as other products, the heat and the sufficient steam that comes from the product are enough to make up for this.

The steam comes with three different levels for its steam. This allows you to have more control for cleaning as different types of stains and dirt can have different needs in terms of power. The more steam you use, the easier will be to clean the dirt and stains that have already dried. It can, however, cause the floor to be wet. Using less steam is recommended for those who will only do a routine cleaning.

It also has accessories that allow you to clean different types of surfaces. An example of this is its carpet glide attachment that allows you to clean carpeted rooms easier. Other units have more accessories in comparison to this unit. However, it still does its primary job of cleaning floors with high quality results.

The warranty for BISSELL lasts for two years. This is an average for most cleaning units, allowing you to have more confidence with the brand. Their customer service is available through phone and through email. The common questions that we tested with them were answered informatively and quickly.

Overall impressions

The BISSELL PowerFresh 1940 boasts a reliable cleaning output capable of cleaning laminated floors and other surfaces perfectly without leaving unwashed stains and wet floors behind. Its variety of features like its cleaning pad allows you to clean floors without the use of soap and additional chemicals. Its fragrance disk function is also good for an aromatic finish to cleaning. The unit itself is light and comes with a removable tank that allows you to refill it easier. The only con that can be seen with using it is its lack of additional accessories for you to clean even more surfaces.

Overall, the BISELL PowerFresh 1940 is a recommendable product.