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Best Rowenta steam irons to consider

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated May 10, 2019

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If you’re looking for a steam iron capable of providing performance, power, energy-saving, and precision, the Rowenta Steam iron line is for you. Boasting great steam capacity, a sleek and modern design, and a variety of steam options and settings for your clothing, this line of ironing machines is one of the best that we have reviewed.

Rowenta is a German brand that is known for innovative features like anti-calcium build-up and safety features. All of these products boast tons of features that are reliable and rarely seen in ironing brands.

First on our pick for the iron machine line is the Rowenta DW2070.

  1. Rowenta DW2070

This unit boasts a 1,600 watts energy level and a variety of steaming options and settings. These settings help you pick the most appropriate level for different clothes. 300 steam holes are integrated into the machine allowing steam to circulate throughout the whole unit.

The iron has an anti-scale and anti-calcium feature that prevents the build-up of mineral inside the soleplate. This gives a longer lifetime for the iron. Water and dirt are prevented from entering the unit as it also has an anti-drip function.

The soleplate or the metal base of the iron is sized at 9.25 inches. It is made of stainless steel that heats up quickly. The settings for heat are flexible for almost all types of clothes. Temperatures can reach over 80 degree Celsius for the toughest fabrics. The fastest time that we have recorded for heating is around 25 seconds. The iron also has a signal that tells you if the unit has reached your wanted temperature.

Leaving the iron unused for a long time triggers its safety feature that automatically turns the machine off. It also prevents burning as it closes after 30 seconds of not being used when face-down. Leaving it upright for eight minutes will also close the unit. This feature that is usually overlooked for most appliance brands can actually be crucial in many ways.

The unit itself is easy to use and hold. It is lightweight and smooth to touch. It has a rubberized grip that makes ironing easier. The design for it is both modern and ergonomic. It still uses buttons and dials, though, unlike other irons that have shifted to a digital display. Users are not limited to the range of use as the cord is 9 feet long. It allows you to move the unit more for larger clothes.

Filling in water inside the unit is easy and safe. It can hold up to 8.45 ounces of water allowing you to work with fewer intervals in between. The reservoir itself is transparent which allows you to estimate when to put water next. The unit has a safety seal that prevents leaking.

The unit comes with a five-year warranty. Customer service for Rowenta is dependable and informative.

Overall, the DW2070 takes pride in its safety-features, an anti-build up property, its ergonomic modern design, and its durability. The wide range of options for steaming and heating also allows you to heat different types of clothes.

Second is the Rowenta DW5080.

  1. Rowenta DW5080

Like the earlier mentioned product, the Rowenta DW5080 also has a wide range of heating options. A thermostat knob integrated into the unit allows you to have more precise control over the heat of the product. Steam holes present in the unit allows the steam to spread evenly along with the soleplate. It has 400 micro-holes that makes steam spread across the clothes sufficient. 

The design for this unit leans more on ergonomic qualities. It is 11 by 5 by 6 in inches. It is lightweight and easy to press on clothes. Its features can be used through knobs and dials spread along with the unit. It has a 10-ounce water tank, a shut-off system, and an anti-mineral buildup system.  The pointed tip of the soleplate allows you to get rid of creases along the edges faster. Its cord is 8-foot long meaning that you can carry the machine around freely.

Filling the unit with water is easy and safe even with tap water. This is because the anti-mineral buildup system seen in other units is also integrated into this product. With 10-ounces for the reservoir, refilling will not be required to be done frequently.

The auto-shutoff feature integrated into the machine allows it to close after 30 seconds if face-down. If left vertically, it will close after 8 minutes.

Overall impressions

Rowenta boasts a lot of features like micro-holes, a safety feature, ergonomic design, and an easy grip that easily makes it one of the best on the market.