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IKEA Vimle Sofa Review

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated November 24, 2020

ikea vimle 3-seat sofa beige

The Scandinavian company IKEA is a renowned brand of furniture. What makes it a good brand is its abundance of products, diversity in design, and strength and integrity in creating them. IKEA Vimle is a 3 seater sofa from them that is very commendable for its abundance of available colors, comfort, and overall satisfaction.


You can buy it for either two seats, three seats, a combination of these and a chaise lounge, and even a footstool. The chaise lounge and footstool both have storage wherein you can store important items in the living hood that are best hidden as to not ruin any designs.

The sofa comes in several colors, which include yellow, dark brown, black blue, dark green, dark gray, and beige. This is great for those with living rooms with a specific motif. The abundance of available colors makes it adaptable to any of your preferences. The abundance of possible variations in terms of seats and chaise lounge also makes it adaptable to the space where it will be placed at.

The sofa is very comfortable to lay on. It is not too hard as to be painful during long hours of using. It is not too soft as to be straightened. It can even be napped on which further proves its comfort. The covers of the sofa can be changed frequently. This is especially good for those who allow their pets to sit atop their sofas. This is also good for those with children who may make the sofa dirty in the long run.

The frame of the sofa is solid and sturdy which may be helpful for those who move around a lot when using it. It is also durable, meaning that it does not squeak and move along with its users.


The only con that can be seen with the sofa is its difficulty in setting up. Since it comes from IKEA, a brand that is known for exactly this problem, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Those who are new to setting up furniture may require help from others.

Although it is time-consuming and hard to do, this may be beneficial for some. This is because the sofa comes in small boxes with different parts in each, meaning that it can be put inside a room that has a small opening. This will make users be more creative in choosing rooms to where they will put the sofa.

Should you buy the IKEA Vimle

The IKEA Vimle is a definite must-buy. This is because it has everything expected in a sofa, all in good quality. Its abundance of colors makes it a good fit for almost any room. It will go well with any motif even without planning it beforehand.

The sofa is also very comfortable to use, its Polyurethane foam seat cushion never too hard or too soft to lean back on. Its frame is solid and sturdy which makes it a good sofa even for those who are restless.