Dualit toasters

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Pop up toaster with bread waiting


Toasters are staples for almost any home. They give flavor and quality to bread, giving it the perfect brown for the best flavor. Given that almost any British home has one, it comes to no surprise that one of the leading toaster brands is Dualit. Founded in 1945, they have continued to release innovative changes to their toasters, coffee makers, kettles, and more which have made them a household name far beyond their country of origin. The Dualit Toaster in particular is one that has gone through many changes to make it more convenient to use every day.

Dualit toasters

Our best choice for toasters is Dualit. Upon first seeing it, users can immediately recognize its metallic and hulking design that has its trademark soft edges to give it style. It also has the trademark ridges at its side. This is a classic design that has stood the test of the time, and for good reason. In a day when minimalism is the trend, the brand still sticks with its metallic and industrial design as it is still the best for keeping it pristine, clean, and presentable for a long time. This heavy-duty toaster is both durable and sleek at the same time.

Dualit Design

Even with the standard industrial design, Dualit still offers multiple colors for their toasters in case a specific motif is followed in the kitchen. Included in their choices are brass, red, black, evergreen, eucalyptus, lavender blue, and more, all of which harmonize nicely with its design. Users can easily Instagram their kitchen set-up with the toaster with how easily it can light up the kitchen counter with its design.

Displayed proudly on the brand is a seal of “Hand Built in Great Britain” that shows the integrity of the brand as it stands the test of time with their timeless design. Coming with a price range of $200 to $300 depending on the slots, users buy a quality product and brand at the same time.

Dualit the brand

Of course, the main selling point of the product is still its toasting performance. Users will instantly be familiar with it because of its use of manual dials. Although dated in its use of these, the product is built very solidly to make every turn of the knob feel much more reliable than touchscreen interfaces. For toasting, users simply need to set their desired time with the turn of a dial which then slowly resets back to normal once your toast is done. A key difference from other brands is the lack of an announcement ding that is characteristic of most toasting machines.

A key feature of the machine is its manual lever that allows you to peek at the bread that you are toasting to see if it is already browned to your preference. Instead of having to push and hold a button to do this, users are given a much more reliable mechanical way of doing this.

Using the average size of a toast, we tested the machine and found it very satisfactory in evenly spreading heat across the bread. Depending on the time allotted, it also has the perfect crisp and texture that can make each breakfast or snack very satisfactory.

Dualit durability

One of the best features of the toaster is how durable it is. Given that it is a classic brand, they have almost perfect the creation of the toast from its browning process to the actual durability of the model. First, they use a unique ProHeat technology for their heating filaments which gives additional protection to make it last longer. Users can also use a sandwich cage in case they want to create toasties.

The model can adjust to uneven surfaces with its use of adjustable rear feet which you can customize for your kitchen. It also has a non-slip foot which makes it safer in case muck builds up in the kitchen counter. We did a review of the dualit 4 slot pop up toaster and liked it a lot.

Fixing a dualit

Another aspect that is often taken for granted by many users is ease of fixing the machine in case parts of it become damaged. After all, many would like to believe that the durable exterior of it makes it almost immune to this. Even with its good durability, Dualit still ensured that users can easily repair their machine by themselves by readily providing components that can be bought from them directly. Users are also provided direct instructions for it which allows the toaster to still be usable for a long time. Mostly, this is useful for the filaments as this is usually the first part to go bust after a while.