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Dualit toaster review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 19, 2021

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If you've ever looked around for good toasters, both through brick and mortar retail stores and online marketplace, chances are you'll come across a brand called Dualit. You might be intrigued by the unique look of it and curious to find out whether the inside is as good as the outside. 

It may not be as famous as other brands, especially in the US, but you can be sure that every toaster from Dualit is the result of decades of knowledge and experience. In this brief article, we will talk more about Dualit toasters. Hopefully, reading it could help with your purchase decision.

Who is Dualit?

The story of Dualit begins with its founder, Max Gort-Barten, a World War II veteran and an inventor who lived and started his business in England. He invented his first toaster under his company Dualit in 1946. For the subsequent decades, Max and his family experienced the growth spurt of the company.

In the 1970s, Max stepped down and his son, Leslie followed in his footsteps to grow and expand the company. They began creating other lines of products and improving the existing lineup. Now, in 2021, under Leslie and his son Alex, Dualit Limited has become bigger than ever with lots of high-quality products under its belt. 

Features of Dualit toasters
  • Perfect toast. Perfect toast is one of Dualit's many patented technologies. It would calculate the temperature of the toaster and its surroundings and adjust the cycle accordingly to make sure you would get the perfect toast every single time. 

  • Last for a long time. Certain models are sturdier than others, but for the most part, all Dualit toasters were made to last for a long time. That is especially true for the classic line of toasters where most of its body was made from steel and aluminum.  

  • Easy to repair. Dualit toasters were designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble. All it takes is just a few minutes with the right tools and you could easily take apart the toaster. You could also find a replacement for any parts of the toaster easily or you could simply send it back to Dualit for a repair.  

  • Sustainable. Since most Dualit components were made from durable materials, such as steel and aluminum, there are lots of parts that could be recycled. This feature not only saves cost for the company but also makes them produce as little waste as possible, which is great for the environment. 

  • Ultimate control to the user. Dualit toasters allow the users to make the toasters based on their unique preferences. From the energy-efficient slot selector that enables you to toast only the parts that you want, to a timer to control the browning, and to the defrost settings to warm frozen toasts. You do it however you like.

  • Manual ejector. Dualit toasters are equipped with manual ejectors that enabled you to check the state of your bread without interrupting the toasting cycle. This is especially useful for those of you who have a special preference on how your toast should be. 

  • Versatility. Dualit offers additional accessories that could enhance the versatility of your toasters. There's the sandwich cage for those of you who like toasted sandwiches. There's also a warming rack that could be used to warm a wide variety of bread.
Different toasters from Dualit
  • Classic. This is the toaster that was designed by Max Gort-Barten, the founder of Dualit, himself. Although the people in Dualit keep on improving its capabilities throughout the decades, its iconic retro design remains the same. It also comes in various pastel colors now.

  • Domus. The Domus line of toasters offers the sense of tactile and modern feel with its soft curves and solid colors. If you want your toasters to seamlessly blend with your other kitchen appliances, then the Domus toasters are the one for you.

  • Architect. The Architect line of toasters has a boxy and industrial look to it. The mostly metallic and monochromatic body further enhances that industrial aesthetic. That being said, it offers easily replaceable side panels for those of you who wish to give the Architect a different tone and feels. 

  • Lite. The toasters in the Lite line are like the combination of the Classic and the Domus line. It has modern finishes while still rocking the retro looks. And as the name suggests, it is also super compact without sacrificing any of its functionality.

  • Studio. The Studio line is the one that looks the most modern and current of them all. With a simple design and mostly boxy looks, it follows the minimalist approach that has been the trend in the design of everything for the latter part of the decade.  
Final thoughts on Dualit

As a brand, Dualit is the testament of the UK’s spirit of persistence, innovation, and heritage. All of its products share the same roots with the very first toasters that were designed by its founder not long after World War II. A toaster that is still widely produced and improved upon by Dualit under its Classic line. 

Although they haven't been able to gain popularity within the American markets, it doesn't mean that it is in any way inferior to the similar and more widely known products that were made by the American companies. Dualit offers great durability, functionality, sustainability, and unique designs to all of its toasters. And you should definitely give it a try.