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Useful Space Optimisation Tips If You Live in A Small House

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 13, 2023

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Are you living in a small house and need to optimize your space? Living in a small house can present many space-related challenges, from lack of storage to limited room for activities. Fortunately, you can use various methods and tricks to make the most of your available square footage and create an efficient living environment. This article will discuss six helpful space-optimizing tips for living in a small house. Let's get started.small log cabin

Hire a Self Storage Unit

The ultimate space-saving solution is to rent a self-storage unit. This will give you additional storage space for your possessions and free up some much-needed square footage in your home. You can find facilities for storage of all sizes and at different prices. Choose a storage unit that meets your needs in both size and cost.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing a storage unit include its price, location, security features, and size. When it comes to space, bigger isn’t necessarily better; aim for one just large enough to meet your needs. You can ask for recommendations or read reviews to help you make the best decision.

Utilize Wall Space

When living in a small home, it’s important to use every inch of space you have. Make the most of your vertical space by utilizing wall shelves and hooks. Floating shelves are a great way to use unused wall space and create extra storage for books, decorations, or kitchen items. Using wall hooks, you can also hang up items such as coats, keys, and hats.

It is important to choose the right shelves and hooks to ensure they are sturdy and can support the items you’re storing. They should be of good quality and aesthetically pleasing; choose products with interesting designs or colors that will complement your home decor. For instance, you could pick shelves made of wood to give your home a cozy, rustic look.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Maximizing available space can be difficult when you have limited room for furniture. To make the most of your living space, invest in multi-purpose furniture that serves multiple functions. For example, you could choose an ottoman with storage space or a sofa bed for guests.

Think about the activities you do in your home and choose furniture pieces that will facilitate them. For instance, if you entertain often, opt for an extendable dining table that can seat more people or a wall-mounted drop-down desk to maximize counter space. Ensure that the pieces you select are comfortable, sturdy, and stylish.

Declutter Regularly

One of the most effective ways to maximize space in a small house is to declutter regularly. Take the time to review your belongings and consider if you need each item. If you haven’t used something for a while, or it no longer serves a purpose, get rid of it. This will help you reclaim much-needed space in your home and make it easier to organize your belongings.

You can then sell, donate or recycle items you don’t need, or repurpose them for a new purpose. For instance, you could use an old dresser as a bookshelf or transform an old cabinet into a kitchen island. The possibilities are endless; get creative with the items you have and turn them into something useful for your home.

Invest in Smart Storage Solutions

One of the best ways to maximize space in a small house is to use smart storage solutions. Investing in clever furniture pieces such as ottomans with hidden compartments or bed frames with drawers underneath will give you more storage without taking up too much space. You could also opt for tall bookcases and shelves that reach the ceiling to maximize vertical space.

Investing in storage bins and containers can also help you better organize your belongings. Choose boxes in different sizes and materials, such as plastic, wood, or canvas, that suit your home decor. Label the boxes and place them on shelves or inside drawers; they will make it easier to find items quickly and keep your home neat and tidy.

Pick Light Window Treatments

Light window treatments can make a small room feel larger and airier. Opt for curtains or shades that are light in color and made of lightweight material such as cotton, linen, or sheer fabric. This will help you to keep the windows open during the day to let natural light in while maintaining your privacy.

Moreover, you can choose window treatments that will create space-saving storage solutions. Roman shades, for instance, have hidden pockets where you can store items such as books or blankets. You can also use curtain rods with hooks to hang lightweight items such as scarves or hats.

Make Use of the Corners

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