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Our first week of December review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 10, 2022

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This week, we want to take a look back at our most popular blog posts from the past seven days, because we were kind of late last week. So we wanted to get ta jump on the weekend and put it out. We try to have a wide variety of articles and reviews to bring you new info you probably had no idea about before coming to our site! We strive to bring you the best articles every week, so let’s review what piqued your interest, or remind you of if case you missed it, this time around!

Our weekly recap shines a focus on the most interesting and newest posts from the last week. We give you a high-level review of each of the blog posts to give you a chance to check them out if they are of interest to you. 

Article #1 was about the sport of gelball and its benefits

If you handn't heard about Gelball before, then you're not alone as we were looking at new ways of getting out and getting some exercise when this trending sport caught our attention. Gelball is a fast-growing sport that has been gaining popularity in Australia and is now getting played around the world. 

Playing Gelball, or the game of Gelball... or however you refer to this activity,  is a fun and exciting team sport that combines elements of paintball, airsoft, and nerf blaster wars. Players use specially designed gel blasters to shoot water-soaked gel balls at their opponents. The game offers an enjoyable physical challenge for participants, providing opportunities for team building and developing hand-eye coordination skills. The low-impact nature of this activity also reduces any risk of injury compared to other extreme sports such as skateboarding or BMX biking.

Additionally, the affordability of equipment and supplies makes it easy for just about anyone to get involved with playing Gelball without breaking the bank! So, if you need to liken it to another sport or game, it is like Paintball, but instead of harder balls filled with paint, you are playing with little gel balls. The real upside, other than it not hurting, is that the gelballs are biodegradable, which is always a bonus for us.

Article #2 was our final comparison article between NordVPN and ProtonVPN

The second article that you might have missed is our comparison article between NordVPN and ProtonVPN. This post takes a look at the two leading VPN service providers, discussing what makes them unique and how they compare in terms of features, reliability, speed, cost-effectiveness, and customer support. We've broken down both services so readers can make an informed decision on which one to use for their needs.

In the post, we discussed the pros and cons of both NordVPN and ProtonVPN, giving readers an idea of which one has more to offer for the best value. We also looked at the security protocols used by each provider so that readers can get a feel for how secure their connection is with either of these two options. Finally, we ran through customer support options available from each provider to help users decide which one suits them best.

So if you are in the market for a VPN provider make sure you check them out, as it was the last review we will do comparing their two products. 

Article #3 was about the things you need to look for before you hire a roofer for your house

The third article in our Weekly Review is all about what you need to look for when hiring a roofer for your house. Making sure that the roofer you hire is qualified and experienced should be at the top of your list. It’s important to make sure the roofer has good references and can provide proof of insurance. Another thing to think about, obviously, is the cost of the entire project. There are a lot of additional points that we cover so if repairing ( or replacing ) your roof was coming up in the future make sure you take a look at the article. 

We were really surprised by how many things you have to keep in mind before you make your decision on who you are going to hire. But, now that we have reviewed all the variables we are happy to have written the article so that others can get the information that they need before making this big, and sometimes costly, decision. So don't pass that guide up.

Article #4 was about how to take care of your HVAC system at home

This week's fourth article on our blog is about how to take care of your HVAC system at home. Homeowners everywhere can benefit from understanding the basics of proper maintenance for their heating and cooling systems. Keeping up with regular maintenance can protect your HVAC system from breakdowns, extend its lifespan, and help it run more efficiently, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Our post provides an easy-to-follow guide to taking care of your HVAC system at home, with tips that will get your HVAC system running more efficiently and make it last longer. So pretty much a win/win for doing pretty easy tasks like cleaning the air vents to keep everything running smoothly.

If your house has an HVAC system, we strongly suggest giving the article a read because there is some pretty good info in there that will save money. And we love to save money around here.

Article #5 was about the different products you can use to make your hair healthy

Our fifth post was about the different products you can use to make your hair healthy. We outlined some of the best shampoos, conditioners, and styling products available for creating beautiful, healthy locks. We also discussed choosing a product that works with your hair type and other factors like lifestyle habits or budget restrictions.

The interesting thing that we found in our review is that there are a lot of natural products and treatments that can help your hair get stronger without the use of any chemicals or anything like that. While we know nature can provide a lot of beneficial benefits, we were really surprised to hear that things such as stinging nettle can help your hair. We usually avoid stinging nettle as... it stings and isn't fun to be around. But it turns out if you neutralize the chemicals that sting you it can actually be beneficial to your hair.

On top of this you can even EAT stinging nettle... who knew? Well now we do, so if you find that you want even more information about it you can watch this crazy video. We have found out that people can cook stinging nettle to neutralize the stinging aspect of it... but these men eat it RAW. So it stings their mouth. There's a little crude words being thrown around so viewer discretion is advised, but this has got to be one of the craziest things we have seen. 



Over the course of the week, we have featured several interesting and informative articles on a bunch of topics ( with a pretty big variety ) , which is our goal here at BestReviewGuide. We want to give you info that you didn't even know you needed and newly updated info as soon as it becomes available. Our editors try their best to source news from different industries, provide reviews on industry leaders ( and new providers ) as well as get info that can save you money. At our core, our goal is to provide value for your time because we know your time is valuable so if you find ways to save money at home, then that is awesome. 

But if you can save even more money by reading how to find the best roofer, then that is even better for us. We love finding out about services like HVAC and roofing, as we don't have much experience in those areas of life. So when we find out price ranges, service costs, and other ways to get the best deal possible, we want to pass them along. 

We even pass on things we experience in everyday life, like our newfound infatuation with how great Poke is! So either way, you get something that helps you out, and we appreciate you coming by our site!