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Improve Your Garage Space With These Smart Design Ideas

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 30, 2022

Garage with bikes hanging above a parked mustang


A garage is a useful room. Not only does it work as a space for storing tools, your car, and your bicycle, but also to stock any other material you don’t find a place for. Unfortunately, it is common to find owners using their garage as a second basement or attic. 

Sure, the garage may store boxes and other unused objects successfully, but there is a thin line between stocking and hoarding. All in all, your garage should be both practical and beautiful, not merely one or the other. With that said, here we present the top design ideas to create more space in your garage. 

garage with door closed


Hang Everything

Shelves come in handy because they turn the empty area of walls into functional storage spaces. Instead of having books, jars, or figurines taking up space in the middle of a desk or table, they are placed on walls and kept out of the way. 

Now, we bet that you are already hanging your tools on a tool wall or pegboard. But have you ever thought about hanging other objects as well? Wall hooks are easy to install, and once they are, they can endure the heavy weight of bikes, gardening tools, ladders, baskets, skateboards, fishing rods, or even surfboards. 

If properly organized, not only are wall hooks resourceful, but also appealing. After all, having your sports gear hanging on the wall provides presence, avoids emptiness, and makes the garage a more complete room. 

External Storage

Decluttering your garage is simple. All you have to do is move everything outside of the garage! Needless to say, transporting your mess to another room will be like sweeping the dirt under the rug. It is not a solution. However, you may give yourself some extra room and leave anything that takes too much space there. 

Outdoor storages, such as small sheds or cabinets, are really good spaces for gardening tools and supplies. The main difference is that a garage is not a gear storage facility. You need free space to move, leave the car, repair, or paint objects.

On the other hadn't, a shed is nothing but a “bigger box” for storing material. So, not having room for free movement is not a disadvantage, since it doesn’t work in the same way as other parts of your house.

Install Cabinets for Organization and Decluttering

In the kitchen, it is essential to have drawers and a kitchen counter to cook properly and leave knives, tables, and forks within the reach of your hands. In your bedroom, you have wardrobes to store all your clothes, so they are not just lying around on the floor. In your garage, you should do the same. 

Cabinets and shelves can be labeled and organized so you have brushes, nails, or screws at hand. A clever storage design allows for an overall better work environment. What’s more, combining a workbench with cabinets creates the perfect workshop. Simply grab your tools and start working right away.

Now, you might believe that a garage cabinet takes up too much space, which after all, is the problem you are trying to solve. The truth is, they don’t. On the contrary, it leaves lots of free space. After all, what used to be on the floor and piled in corners, is now placed within the cabinets and drawers and out of sight.

Potting Bench for Gardening Tools

Sunday morning comes, and you want to plant some roses in your garden. You look for the seed bag and the hand shovel, but you cannot find these garden items anywhere because the garage is a terrifying mess. What a shame, it took you two hours to find everything. Now you barely have time to plant flowers.

Taking care of your front yard and backyard requires using dozens of tools: gloves, shovels, rakes, hosepipes, and the list goes on. Unsurprisingly, these items end up splattered all over the garage. When the time for using them arrives, you don’t remember where you placed them. 

Solving this common problem is easy. Simply get a potting bench, and store your items there. All in all, having a zone for organizing and storing specific items not only improves your space but also saves you time.

Use The Ceiling

If you can use your walls, why not take advantage of the ceiling as well? You may apply the same resource of the wall hooks. This time, of course, with ceiling hooks. Hang your bikes, surfboards, and even canoes from the ceiling. 

Furthermore, it is possible to install a deep ceiling rack to store bags, boxes, luggage, or rarely used machinery. In the end, this small addition makes a huge difference regarding space, which of course, is rather convenient for a place where you need to store something as big as a car! 

Delimit With a Walking Path

The main issue with garages is that objects tend to be placed in the very first free space you find. Why not? The sooner you get rid of this empty paint can, the better, right? 

Needless to say, this becomes hoarding in the long run. One day you look around and find out you barely can make it from point A to B. The solution, of course, is organizing and tidying the place up. However, once you finish, you run the risk of committing the same mistake in the future. Avoid this at all costs. 

To do so, get a scotch tape of vivid color and map out a path. Naturally, you are delimiting the areas where objects can be placed, and the areas that must be left free. 

We are aware this last one is not the best solution on the list, but we strongly believe it is the best first step to take. After all, once you have split the territory, you are free to continue improving the garage.