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8 Interesting Ways You Can Have Fun With An Airgun

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 15, 2022

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Airguns are popular alternatives to firearms. Sometimes, they are even used for hunting. Rabbits and other small game can be hunted using airguns. If you are somebody who isn’t interested in (or can’t get)  a firearm license, then why not look into airguns? Airguns are widely available and very affordable, and in most places, a license isn’t needed for them.

However, before you think about buying an airgun, you first need to think about what you’re going to do with one if you do get one. This post will tell you eight interesting things you can do with them, to make it easier for you to make a decision about buying one.

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Going Hunting

Hunting for game can be a very enjoyable way of using one’s airgun. However, if you do plan on hunting game, you’ll need a high-powered airgun, like the Talon SS, for example. Using an airgun that’s not powerful enough could just lead to you maiming or injuring animals, instead of killing them. Rabbits are the easiest type of animal to hunt with an airgun. You can also shoot birds like pheasants, partridges, and grouse.

Target Shooting

Target shooting can be a lot of fun, too. You don’t really need any special equipment to go target shooting, you just need tin cans. You can line tin cans up on a table in your garden and then shoot them off. Alternatively, you can go to a proper airgun venue, and shoot actual target boards. It should be noted that such venues can be expensive to get a membership for. It’s cheaper and easier to just shoot targets at home, in your own backyard. Plus, you can invite friends over if you do it at home.

Competitive Airsofting

Airsofting is a competitive combat sport, which involves shooting people with airguns. Typically, airguns contain metal pellets. Airsoft guns use plastic ones. If you plan on going airsofting, then make sure that your weapon uses plastic pellets. If you are caught using metal, you will be asked to leave and could get into a lot of trouble if your pellets injure somebody. You will need to invest in some tactical gear, like protective headwear and a mask, if you intend on taking up airsofting. If you do not have an airgun, you can rent one from the airsoft venue on the day of your visit.

Team Competitions

If you enjoy shooting, then why not participate in team shooting competitions? Team shooting competitions can be an effective way of showcasing your skill with an airgun, and also earning a bit of money. Usually, the winners of shooting competitions are awarded prizes. More often than not, the prizes are money. Sometimes, however, winners are awarded other things, like high-quality airguns, ammunition, or clothing. You will probably need friends to accompany you to shooting contests since they are usually team-based. If you can find solo contests though, then by all means, enroll alone.

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Showing Friends

Despite how popular airguns are, many people have never actually handled one. If you want to introduce your friends to airsofting or get them involved in shooting contests, then why not invite them over to your house and show them your airgun? You can take them out into your backyard and teach them to shoot. If they like the sport, then they can buy their own weapon, and come to airsoft matches or shooting contests with you. Airguns are not that expensive and there are budget models available, so they should be able to afford one no matter their income.

Deterring Criminals

As long as you have a license for your airgun (which you’ll need if it is a very high-powered one) then you can use it for self-defence. You need to research your state’s laws regarding carrying an airgun around with you, though. In some states, it is not legal to carry an airgun. In others, it is. If it is not legal then you can just store it at home and use it for self-defence if anybody tries to break into your house. A shot from an airgun can be fatal, which is why they are great for self-defence. You do need to learn to use your airgun properly though, so you can defend yourself with it if the time ever comes.

Removing Vermin

Airguns can be an effective way of removing vermin. If you have an airgun, a little bit of time, and want to make some money, then why not advertise your services as a pest removal agent? Farmers often pay people with airguns to come up and eliminate pests. You will also need some other equipment though, like traps and poison. An airgun alone usually isn’t enough to completely wipe out a population of vermin from a farm.

Safe Use

Whatever you use your airgun for, make sure that you use it safely. As mentioned in the self-defence section, shots from airguns can be fatal. If an airgun pellet hits you in the wrong place, then it can kill you. You need to, because of this, take the time to learn how to use it, and ensure that you use it safely. There are courses you can take, which will help you to learn how to handle your airgun safely. Taking a course in airgun handling is very sensible if you plan on using yours for hunting, self-defence, or just for fun.

Airguns are widely available, cheap, and you do not need a license for them as long as they’re not very powerful. There are lots of things you can do with airguns, as this post shows. Give the suggestions made here some thought, so you can find something fun to do with yours.