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5 delicious dishes you can make in your microwave

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated February 14, 2019

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While most of us usually look at the microwave oven as just the go to heating tool for our bowl of soup or mac and cheese, this amazing kitchen appliance can do so much more for us. Microwaves are time-efficient and healthy devices which can help us prepare delicious meals.

Here are five ideas of easy dishes you can make using your microwave:

  1. Lemon sponge pudding

Ingredients for 4 servings:  zest one lemon, 4 tbsp lemon curd, 2 eggs, one tsp vanilla essence, 100g butter, 100g caster sugar, 100g self-rising flour.

Put the lemon zest, sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla essence and butter in a microwave-safe dish and mix them. Microwave them for 3 minutes, until risen. Let everything stand for one minute, time in which you heat the lemon curd for half a minute and you stir it until it becomes smooth. Pour it over your pudding. Serve it with ice cream or crème fraiche.

  1. French-toast in a cup

Ingredients (for one cup): bread, one egg, 3 tbsp. milk, one tbsp. butter, dash of cinnamon. Optional you can also add a drop of vanilla essence.

Melt the butter in a cup, for just a few seconds in your microwave and then add cubed bread (one/two slices of bread) in the cup. In a different cup, mix the milk, egg, cinnamon and vanilla and add them to the first cup and let them soak into the bread. Put the cup into the microwave and cook for one minute and ten, twenty seconds, to your liking. You can serve with syrup.

  1. Healthy strawberry mini cake

Ingredients for one cake: ½ cup of diced strawberries, ¼ cup oat bran, 2 tbsp. oat flour, one tbsp. ground flaxseed, 2 tbsp. buckwheat groats, ¼ tsp. cinnamon, ½ tsp. baking powder, ½ tsp. vanilla, 2 tbsp. applesauce, ¼ cup almond milk, pinch salt.

Start by combining the oats, flaxseed, buckwheat, baking powder, cinnamon and the pinch of salt. Add the applesauce, almond milk and vanilla and stir everything until well incorporated.

Pour the entire batter into a microwave safe dish and microwave for about one minute and a half (until the top is set). Let the cake cool for 3 minutes and serve.

  1. Sweet potatoes and tuna

Ingredients (4 servings): one can of tuna (185g), four small sweet potatoes, 6 tbsp. Greek yogurt, half a sliced red onion, lime juice from one lime, one chopped and deseeded red chilli and some coriander leaves (about a handful).

Prick the potatoes with a fork in several places and microwave them on the high setting for 18 to 20 minutes. Once cooked, cut them in half and place them side up on a plate.

Add tuna on each potato piece, then top with the onion and red chilli. Squeeze the lime juice, add the yoghurt on every piece and lastly, scatter the coriander. Ready to serve!

  1. Eggless brownie

Ingredients for one serving: 2 tbsp. flour, 2 tbsp. milk, 2 tbsp. cocoa powder, 2 tbsp. powder sugar, one tbsp. vegetable oil, chopped walnuts and one tbsp. Nutella/peanut butter/maple syrup (optional).

Put all the dry ingredients in a mug and then add the wet ones. Simply put the mug in the microwave and cook for max. 2 minutes. Serve with ice cream.