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Link Interactive review - Is it a good home security monitoring system?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated August 12, 2019

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Your home is your sanctuary and you must keep it safe from any harm. DIY home security monitoring systems are the easiest and most affordable solution to monitoring your home and making sure both you and it are 24/7 protected.

What can home security systems do for you?

Technology made it possible for the home security market to flourish and constantly improve, hand in hand with technological advancements. Home monitoring systems now include high resolution cameras, wireless technology, mobile integration and a lot of useful functions that can keep your home safe.

Home security systems now come with Smash and Crash technology that prevents the system from being disabled by home invaders by smashing the control panel.

They can also randomly turn on the lights in your home to make it look like someone’s there and they can be programmed to send alerts and react in case of any suspicious events, thanks to their sensitive, high-tech sensors.

There’s also the possibility to get panic buttons and emergency pendants for your elderly or your children, so they can immediately be assisted in case of trouble.

Home security systems come with energy management, home automation, fire, smoke alarms, video recording and much more.

Is Link Interactive a good option to consider?

The problem with a lot of home security system providers is that they only offer professional systems that require professional installation and are quite expensive. Link Interactive also provides professional home security systems, but they are flexible and offer DIY systems that are customizable to your needs.

There are various offers for different types of budgets, so you can find both affordable and more complex, expensive products. You can add only the elements you want.  

Link Interactive has been around for many years so they are experienced and trust-worthy. The company was founded in 1952 and it has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

What does Link Interactive offer?

Link Interactive lets customers build their own home security systems, by opting for the components they want. Based on your budget and needs, you can start with the control panel (the central station that manages all the equipment) and add elements: cameras, life safety equipment (fire, smoke, flood detectors), panic buttons, motion sensors, key ring remote, glass break sensors, door/gate sensors for outdoors, water leak detectors and many others.

Their control panels are wireless, come with 100% reliable cellular monitoring, 2-way voice to monitoring station and all equipment comes with a 3-year warranty.

There are 2 control panels to choose from: 2Gig Go!Control and the IQ Panel 2. The first one is included for free and the latter will cost you $200.

Both panels have a built-in touch screen, but the IQ panel has a 7” display, compared to the 2Gig Go! which has only 4”.

The IQ panel also comes with a 5MP HD camera, sensor encryption, a photo frame mode, SD card slot, custom text to speech and help videos.

Both control panels include:

  • user codes (63 with the 2 Gig Go! vs 240 with the IQ panel)
  • image sensor support
  • battery backup (8 hours vs 24 hours in the IQ panel)
  • weather to panel (1-day vs 4-days)
  • Software updates

Once you’re done with choosing all the equipment you want, you have to fill in a form on Link Interactive’s website. You have to specify the installation location, whether it is residential or commercial, owned or rented and which cellular providers work best in that area (Verizon, AT&T, etc,).

You also have to specify emergency contacts to be called by their monitoring center, in case of an emergency.

There is also the possibility to get cloud recording and camera integration.

The last step is to opt for one of Link Interactive’s monitoring plans.

What are the plans offered by Link Interactive?

Link Interactive offers 3 professional monitoring plans: Standard, Gold and Elite.

The Standard plan costs $30.99/month.

The Gold plan is $39.99/month.

The Elite plan is priced at $44.99/month.

All three plans include intrusion, fire, crash and smash alarm, smoke, fire and CO detectors.

The Gold plan also includes Home Automation: remote control online or via app, energy management, lights, locks and thermostat.

The Elite plan also brings HD video monitoring with analytics to the table. The video monitoring can be on demand or scheduled and there’s also object activated video recording with analytics included.

Link Interactive maintains its great reputation when it comes to customer support, too. It offers live chat support, phone and e-mail support.

The equipment offered by Link Interactive comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and, as we’ve already mentioned it, it’s backed up by their 3-year warranty.

Link Interactive is a great home security system provider because it is extremely flexible, has a wide range of security items to choose from and its systems are easily portable because they are wireless.