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What to look for in a Bio Ionic dryer?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated January 12, 2021

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Bio Ionic hair dryers have a technology that sets them apart from any other hair dryers on the market. Moisturizing heat™ technology is the latest invention in this industry. All Bio Ionic dryers use this technology to protect your hair from overheating. We’re not talking only about the protection. With their hairdryers and the latest technology, your hair will be hydrated with their heat-conducting elements. Currently, they are offering six different hairdryer models with different features and different technology. There are six different features you need to know about with the Bio Ionic dryers.

Technology. Natural ionic technology results in faster hair drying because it uses negative ions which attract the positive ions from the water. The drying process will be much faster, preventing your hair from overheating. This technology also helps keep the hair moisture for a very long time.

GrapheneMX™ technology combined with Bio Ionic Moisturizing heat™ technology will help to style your hair because the Graphene material conducts the heat evenly protecting your hair from high temperatures. The Graphene material is made of carbon atoms, it is ultra-strong and well known as one of the best heat conductors.

Volcanic Rock MX technology is perfect for styling your hair because the shine and moist will be preserved for a long-time thanks to the proprietary mineral complex.

NanoIonic™ MX technology will rebuild the hair cuticle because it uses negative ions to remove static energy caused by positive ions. During this process, the moisture in the hair is restored.

Gold Pro MX technology together with Moisturizing heat™ technology will give you the advantage in this industry by making you a true professional. This technique combines 24K Gold Mix distributing the heat evenly with lots of power for easy hairstyle and it keeps the hair healthy by restoring the moisture. The result is smooth and silky hair.

The infrared heat feature is very important because it will limit the drying time and it will save you a lot of power. Cost-saving is guaranteed by its efficiency and excellent IR heater’s lifetime. Dryers with IR heat are very good at converting electrical energy into heat. One great following feature is that heat is evenly distributed on the surface with a higher rate at heat transfer. With IR heating dryer start up and shut down is much faster and the dryers won’t heat the room and the environment, only the hair. Because of the technology that reduces the heat of electrical components, these hair dryers last longer.  

Adjustable heat feature had the advanced settings in some Bio Ionic dryers. Some of them are with 14 heat and power settings while others have 10 times faster and stronger blow than usual dryers for better smoothness and the possibility to dry the hair faster. Depending on how much you want to straighten your hair, you will use the higher heat volume to extend and straight the hair texture and lower heat for finer or damaged hair. Also, besides the heat button, you should also look for the cool air option. Every Bio Ionic hair dyer has this feature, except the Gold Pro MX Travel Dryer. Bio Ionic’s GrapheneMX Professional Dryer can be used at lower temperatures for hair protection, but still, it will have the best results because of its grapheme technology which is the best heat conductor. The cool air option helps you maintain the desirable hairstyle after the heating process. It will also protect the hair cuticle and prolong the shiny finish.

Adjustable speed is a must because it will determine the hairstyle you want to accomplish and preserve. Depending on the type of hair, it is recommended to use low to medium speed for fine hair, medium to high for medium length and high speed for a curly type of hair. The 10x Ultra Speed Bio Ionic model has an EcoDrive motor that will save energy by 70%. It often comes to our mind that the higher the speed it uses, the bigger the noise it will be produced. When it comes to this model, it is incredible quiet because it has a brushless feature.

Wattage rating with Bio Ionic dryers goes from 1200W to 1875W. The hairdryers with less power are usually portable, travel dryers for everyday use. The wattage rating is not necessarily in correspondence with the quality. The fact is that the drying process will be much shorter if you use the hair dryer with higher wattage. The ionic feature of the hairdryer comes in handy because it helps to moisture the hair even at higher wattage. Ionic material helps negatively charged irons to make the connection with positive irons from the water in your hair making the drying process faster. The strongest Bio Ionic hairdryer is a GrapheneMX dryer with 1875W and 110V with 10 years motor guarantee. Together with Moisturizing heat™ technology and GrapheneMX™ technology it will prevent the hair from getting damaged, by producing the heat evenly on the surface protecting it from high temperatures.

Warranty length will show you the professional side of the company. The premium Bio Ionic hairdryers have 5 to 10 years of motor warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee. 10 years guarantee is for the Pro 10X UltraLight Speed dryer and Graphene MX Professional Dryer. PowerLight Pro Speed Dryer and WhisperLight Pro Dryers come with 5 years of warranty. These hair dryers are for professional use and of course, you want to have a guarantee for the higher price. On their official website, you can find what is not included in this limited warranty and the steps you need to follow to benefit from these rights.