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What is the best hair dryer on the market right now?

Kurtis Avatar By: Kurtis | Last updated October 4, 2019

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If your hair is a priority for your overall look, you have to pay attention to several factors. Everything is important if you want a healthy, glowing hair: the products you are using to wash your hair, how you wash your hair, how often you wash it, how you dry it and last but not least, what hair dryer you are using.

Some tips on how to choose your hair dryer:

  • Check out the power of the dryer; the number of watts is important if you want to be able to dry your hair as quickly as possible, especially if you have a long hair and you are in a hurry
  • Does the dryer come with an ionization feature? Look for one that has ionization, if you want to avoid frizzy hair
  • Pay attention to the speed and heat settings; it is best to choose a dryer that has speed and heat settings, if you want to be able to create different hair styles; if more than one person is using the dryer, speed and heat settings are important because they can be adapted to the user’s type of hair
  • You should choose a blow dryer that includes accessories such as a concentrator and a diffuser, although most dryers out there will include them by default; fancier, pricier dryers usually come with more accessories and attachments

What are the best 3 hair dryers on the market right now?

Remington with Ionic, Ceramic and Tourmaline

The Remington hair dryer with ionic, ceramic and tourmaline technology is one of the best dryers on the budget right now. You can get it for approximately $20 on the Amazon, which is a true bargain. The dryer has 1875 watts of power, 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings. There is also a cold shot button. The Remington dryer includes a diffuser and a concentrator.

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic

The Elchim 3900 is in the opposite price range and can be purchased for approximately $200. The dryer has 2000 watts, 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings, a cold air button and a low EMF feature (electromagnetic wave protection system). The dryer includes 2 concentrator nozzles. While this model has a good grip and doesn’t tire your arm when you hold it for longer periods, if you want an even lighter model, you can opt for the Light Ceramic Ionic from Elchim.

Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Dryer

Harry Josh is one of the most popular hair stylists in the world, famous for its generous celebrity client base. He handles the hair style of Gisele Bundchen, Olivia Wilde, Ellen Pompeo, Kate Bosworth and the like.

The Ultra Light Dryer is a high-end, professional dryer that has a price of $350. The dryer has a dual filtration that reduces energy consumption, anti-frizz ion technology, a 94 mph motor speed and it is very light.

The dryer has a very low noise level and 12 heat and speed settings.