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Tips to help you maintain a healthy hair

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated February 14, 2019

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A bad hair day can really get you down. How about a bad hair life? The way you live and take care of your body and your hair really affects the way your hair looks and feels. Do you want a shiny, strong, lustrous hair that can turn all the eyes on you? Here are some useful tips to consider:

A healthy diet also means a healthy hair. You are what you eat, they say. Well, that can also be applied to your hair. Your hair needs a lot of minerals, proteins and vitamins in order to grow healthy. A diet that is rich in raw fruits and vegetables will improve the overall health and growth of your hair.

It all starts with the way you wash your hair. How and when you wash your hair is very important. Washing our hair on a daily basis is not the best thing for it. It only interferes with the natural oils and proteins produced by our body in order to keep our scalp healthy. It is recommended to not wash your hair more than 3 times/week. Your washing habits are also important. For instance, did you know that cold water is actually good/better for your hair? It may not be the most pleasant experience for your senses, but it keeps your hair more hydrated and closes the pores, thus preventing dirt from entering the scalp. Warm water is also better than hot water. Try to avoid the latter at all cost, as far as your hair goes. The way you shampoo your hair can also affect it. Try to shampoo it gentle, to avoid breakage.

Be gentle when brushing your wet hair. Your hair is way more fragile when it’s wet. It can break easily, especially if you are brushing it too aggressively. It is better to use a wide-tooth comb for your wet hair and save the brush for when it is dry. Losing up to 150 strands a day is normal, so don’t get alarmed for that much. But if you don’t want to lose even more, always remember to be gentle.

Tight hair ties are bad for your hair.  Avoid them as much as possible, because they pull your hair back real hard and cause breakage. The tighter, the worse.

Iron straighteners/curlers should be used as little as possible.  Excessive heat damages your hair, it makes it dry and frizzy. Not to mention the fact that these tools can also burn your hair. If you insist on using them, do it as rare as possible and make sure to always use a protective serum.

Apply hair masks regularly. Hair treatments are very useful, if you know what to use. Every person has their own hair type and there are masks conceived for each hair type/need. Do some research and find out the most appropriate mask for your type of hair. You can buy it or prepare it yourself. Lemon juice, eggs and baking soda are just a few examples of useful hair treatments.