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T3 Cura Ionic Hair Dryer features reviewed

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 6, 2021

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Hair dryers can help a lot in helping us instantly be ready after a quick shower or a bath. However, cheap ones can cause immense hair damage due to concentrated heat that does not have any other features for ensuring that the quality of the hair will not be affected. This is why the best hair drying products always incorporate a lot of new technologies to ensure healthy drying. One of the most popular technologies is the incorporation of ionic hair drying.

With ionic technology, the dryer will blow off negative particles which directly interact with the positive charge of the water molecules in the hair. With this, the drying process will be much smoother and sleeker even without much temperature. This ensures that some hair types will have its definition retained.

T3 Cura

T3 is a beauty company that has always aimed to be a premier option among its competitors. Starting in 2003, the company defines itself as “part tech start-up, part beauty venture”, delivering the best results with the use of unique technology. They also aim to create products that women of different hair types will enjoy. Because of this, they use advanced heat tech that is continuously developed to provide the best results.

The T3 Cura is a popular choice among those who want the best results for their hair. It aims to be able to dry the hair while preserving its quality.

What is included in its box?

The product comes with the dryer along with two diffusers. One is for drying while the other is for styling. It also comes with a guide on how the product works. All of these are in a rose gold box that looks very sleek and expensive.

Users can also purchase additional tools for the product. This includes an attachment for curly hair, a diffuser for soft hair, and more.

Overall, we were very satisfied with the design of the box that justifies the higher price of the product. Our only request was for the product to have something for wrapping the cord with.

Design and hardware

The design of the product is one of its main highlights. It is very Instagram-friendly given its Apple-esque aesthetic. This can be seen with its mostly white design that has a sleek shine. It is also designed with hints of rose gold that has a nice shine. The product's controls can be seen in its ergonomic handle. Here, users can control the speed options, the heat options, and more. The product feels very sturdy and solid on the hands which makes it easy to aim at different angles to your hair. It also feels solid and will probably survive a couple of hard falls.


T3 Cura Features

T3 takes pride in their digital Ionair technology which uses negative and positive charges to properly dry the hair without damaging it. Upon testing, we found it to be very effective as it left our hair still feeling smooth and vibrant instead of the usual dry feeling we get from cheaper brands. Volume and bounce was also not affected.

The product has up to 5 heat settings. It is best to start with the highest setting and then gradually decrease the heat. This can change depending on your preference, though. The product also has two speed settings.

The product has a lock-in cool shot that you can use at the end of your drying session to provide more styling for the hair. It also has a volume booster.

The product has its own auto pause sensor. This can be very helpful for conserving electricity and ensuring that the product automatically stops when you put it down.

We also found the pure stream cap to be very helpful for styling the hair.

Overall, the features of the product were abundant and were all helpful for ensuring the best drying performance.


The hair dryer was very easy to use even with our first time. Upon casual reading of the instructions, we instantly learned about how the different features worked.

Everyday drying is a breeze because of the healthy heating technology of the product. Using its features for styling the hair and providing volume was also easy and effective. The product buttons are responsive and easy to remember.

The product has a much shorter drying time compared to others. Even with this, it still feels very good to use for the hair. It is best to be used with its included diffusers that can help the air travel your hair properly.

We also did not have any heat damage by using the product constantly as the T3 has amazing tech to keep your hair healthy while drying. 

Final thoughts

Although expensive, we felt that the product was very justified in its pricing. From its very good packaging, its solid hardware components, and its performance, the product is worth it. It is good for healthy hair drying, for styling and adding volume, and more.