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Harry Josh Ultra Light Hair Dryer Overview - Is it a good product?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated August 8, 2019

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You hair is one of your most valuable and distinct ‘assets’. An attractive hair style will always catch attention, but having a healthy, good looking hair takes some work.

Many factors are involved in the process of having a beautiful hair: your hair shampoo and products, the frequency of washing your hair, the way you dry it, the hair dryer you use and more. We are just going to talk about the hair dryer aspect in this article, as it is a very important one.

How to pick the right hair dryer for your hair?

If you’ve ever shopped for a hair dryer, you’ve most likely seen the wide variety of options on the market. There are so many models out there, that it might get confusing to choose one. One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a hair dryer is your type of hair: oily, frizzy, thick, thin and brittle, and so on.

Ceramic dryers for instance, which are among the most popular ones, work great on brittle, fine hair. Tourmaline (or ionic) dryers are good for thick, frizzy hair and so on. Do your homework before making your decision.

Another aspect to consider, aside from budget, is the weight of the dryer. This is especially important if you have long hair, because then you’ll have to spend more time drying your hair and the last thing you need is a dryer that weighs a ton. A heavy dryer will make your job considerably more difficult, because your arm will get tired after a few minutes of holding it.

Harry Josh Ultra Light Pro Hair Dryer - Is it any good? 

Harry Josh is a reputable stylist adored by celebrities such as Olivia Wilde, Kate Bosworth, Gisele Bundchen and many more. They are all very pleased with his styling services.

How much does the Ultra Light Pro cost?

The Ultra Light Pro is a high-end product, so don’t expect it to be cheap. The hair dryer costs approximately $350, but once you hold it in your hand, you know why you paid that much for it. The hair dryer is made in France.

What are the features of the Ultra Light Pro?

The Ultra Light Pro has several useful features but one of its biggest selling points is definitely its weight (hence its name). The Ultra Light Pro weighs less than a pound, which makes it a great tool for long hair drying sessions.

The Ultra Light Pro has 12 heat and speed settings, which is more than you get with most hair dryers.

It has anti-frizz ion technology and it is an energy efficient product, thanks to its dual filtration technology, which reduces the consumption. The ion technology can be turned on and off, depending on your preference.

This dryer has a 94 mph motor speed and it has an eleven feet extension cord, to allow you to move freely without staying married to the plug.

In the package you get 2 nozzle concentrators: the regular one and a long one.

In addition to being really light, the Ultra Light Pro is also really quiet, even when you use it on its highest settings. You might not care about that too much, but if you dry your hair often and have a long hair, a high noise level might become annoying after a while. Fortunately though, the Ultra Light Pro is not only quiet, but it is also fast. It practically cuts your drying time in half and you’ll take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes to dry your hair.

The Ultra Light Pro from Harry Josh is a pricey dryer, but if you are willing to invest in a quality hair dryer, this one is definitely worthy to consider.