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Best Blow Dryer To Consider for Black Hair

Hailey Avatar By: Hailey | Last updated September 5, 2019

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When it comes to hair, one can never be too picky especially with blow dryers. Given that they may either be the best or the worst thing to ever touch your hair, you may as well review the specifications of each product to ensure that it best matches your hair. After all, it may either completely dry and damage it or revitalize and nurture further.

Black and curly hair are one of the most common. Even so, they are easily damaged and dried given the wrong treatment. This is why it is important to review each possible option.

Best Blow Dryers

  1.     BaByliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix– Topping our list, BaByliss is an absolute standout mainly because of its features and user-friendliness.

The BAB2000 boasts up to 6 heat and speed settings which gives a lot of variety which you can adjust depending on the strength of your hair and its type. It also has an easily removable filter which you can clean regularly. 

The secret to its gentleness to the hair is its ceramic which can give a perfect balance of far-infrared heat. This can dry your hair faster and remove any damaging effects to it. It is very user-convenient as it has a narrow barrel which makes it easier to aim the blow dryer to the parts which you want to dry. Its nozzles are concentrated which makes it easier to style and to avoid frizzing. It is also easy to handle the model as it has a rubberized handle which makes it easier to hold. 

Recommended because:

  •       Does not damage the hair too much
  •       It is easy to use for styling and aiming
  •       Has plates made of ceramic that allows gentle far-infrared heat
  •       Has a rubberized coating which makes it easier to hold
  •       Has a high-power AC motor which is powered with 2000 watts
  1. Jinri Negative Blow Dryer – This blow dryer is notable for its less electrical use, its concentrated nozzle, and its overall design. 

The Jinri Negative Blow Dryer has a concentrated nozzle which can add volume to your hair while styling. It also has a diffuser nozzle which can use to keep your natural curls whenever drying. The last nozzle is the comb nozzle which is used for fine and straight hair. 

The model itself is light-weight and easy to aim to your hair. To make sure that your hair will not be damaged, Jinri uses infrared and tourmaline technology which protects your hair from too much heat and from drying. It also prevents frizz and static to build up in your hair. 

Recommended because:

  • Has multiple nozzles for different types of hair
  • Uses infrared and tourmaline technology to keep your hair protected
  • Easy to aim and to hold
  1. Conair Ionic Ceramic Blow Dryer– This is a good model for those looking for an affordable unit. Same with the earlier two, this model also prioritizes the user’s hair quality with its use of tourmaline and ceramic technology. It has 3 heat settings and a total of 2-speed settings. 

Conair Ionic uses a concentrator nozzle that helps you focus on specific parts of your hair. It also has a hair diffuses which spreads airflow for a wider reach. It also has negative ions which neutralize static and frizz.

Recommended because:

  • Variety of heat and speed settings
  • Uses both tourmaline and ceramic technology to keep hair quality
  • Prevents frizz 
  • Comes with a concentrator and diffuser nozzle