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Are Bio Ionic hair dryers any good?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated September 5, 2019

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Bio Ionic is a renown brand among hair dryers because of its sleek design and high quality. Founded in 2007 by hairstylist Fernando Romero, the famous line equips traditional Japanese solutions for hair appliances that do not cause damage. It uses nano-ionic technology which gives it its name.

Bio Ionic takes pride in its good performance on both frizzy and dry hair. The main difference it has with other competitors is its formula of 32 different natural minerals that does not damage the hair and the scalp. This is a good feature that is missing with the average hairdryer as these appliances usually cause damage through long-time use for wet hair.

Recommended models

Almost all of the designs of Bio Ionic is of high-quality. They prioritize both design and convenience for users which makes their products good buys. These are some of their best designs:

  1. Bio-Ionic Travel Pro Hair Dryer – This model is part of the Elite Pro Styling Collection. It is notable for its use of nanolonic minerals that emit negative ions which hydrates the hair.
  2. Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro Dryer – This model uses 1400w and is excellent at fast drying. It maintains your hair’s hydration, shine, and manageability without causing frizz. To hydrate it, the model uses nanolonic minerals as to nurture damaged hair.
  3. Bio Ionic Powerlight Pro-Dryer – The Powerlight Pro-Dryer excels in using nanobeads for avoiding dried hair and hydrating it instead. It has a uses negative ion for deodorizing and cleansing the hair. To make sure that the heating your hair is safe, it uses far-infrared heat. It uses nanolonic mineral for hydrating the hair.
  4. Bio Ionic 10X Ultralight Speed Dryer – This design is known for its quality heating technology that uses minerals for better heating. It is gentle on the hair but fasts for drying. It can dry your hair within 10 minutes which makes it a fast dryer. It has also had a moisturizing technology to lessen the damage on the hair.


Bio Ionic uses a lot of features to ensure that every use keeps your hair hydrated and manageable. It avoids frizz and keeps your hair healthy. The following are some of the features of these hair dryers:

  • A rotatable attachment head for more convenient use.
  • These hair dryers produce less noise because of its eco-drive patented motor that is also excellent at drying your hair.
  • Bio Ionic hair dryers are known for its sleek and simple design that comes in either glossy black or white colors.
  • It has a comfortable grip for continued use of the model for hours.
  • It comes with a warranty that came from 12 months up to a lifetime.
  • These models are easy to clean and is guaranteed to last depending on proper use.
  • The switches are designed to prevent users from accidentally changing intensity mid-use.
  • It uses a 9 feet long cord so that users can extend the unit more. Some units also have a 360-degree swivel feature.
  • It uses a circuit breaker to prevent the model from fire hazard