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Why is an ionic toothbrush better than a normal toothbrush?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 9, 2021

Ionic bond


Whether it is a conventional toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, the principle behind it stays the same. You use frictions to scrape off the plaque from the surface of the teeth. The main advantage of an electric toothbrush in this regard is the fact that it could deliver a much more powerful friction motion.

While it does have a much better result than a manual toothbrush, an electric toothbrush could not fully clean your teeth as you would expect it to. But there is another kind of toothbrush that works by using an entirely different method. And it is said to yield far better results for your dental care. It is called an ionic toothbrush. 

So how does an ionic toothbrush really work? Is it really better than a normal toothbrush? This brief article will answer all of those questions for you.

How does an ionic toothbrush work?

An ionic toothbrush works by implementing a principle called ionic bonds. Ions with opposite polarity charges would attract each other while the ones with the polarity of the same charges would repel each other. The ionic toothbrush managed to apply this principle to dental care. 

Plaque is positively charged while your teeth are negatively charged. That's why they always attract each other. And no matter how hard you brush your teeth, you cannot get rid of the ionic bonds between them both. You could only scrape some of those plaque off your teeth. 

An ionic toothbrush, on the other hand, has the ability to turn your teeths' polarity into a positively charged enviroment so that it would repel the plaque instantly. This  reaction would make the teeth and the plaque push each other off and thus totally clean your teeth. 

How to use an ionic toothbrush?

Inside an ionic toothbrush is a lithium battery that is connected to a titanium rod that runs along the length of the toothbrush. Outside, on the center of the handle, is a thin metal plate that circles the toothbrush's body. These are the only mechanisms that need to be triggered in order to use an ionic toothbrush. 

To use it, you need to get your hands wet, at least until your fingers are somewhat moist, and then hold the thin metal plate. In doing so, you would initiate a closed-circuit current that would charge the toothbrush with a negative ion and turn its polarity to positive.

After that, all you have to do is simply brush your teeth lightly. Make sure to thoroughly brush every surface of your teeth. That way, the brush would momentarily turn your teeth' polarity into positive charges, just like the plaques. And since they both are of the same charges now, they will repel each other. And that's how an ionic toothbrush cleans your teeth

Why does an ionic toothbrush better than a normal toothbrush?

There are several reasons why an ionic toothbrush is better at cleaning your teeth than both a manual toothbrush and a normal electric toothbrush. These are five of the most critical advantages and benefits of an ionic toothbrush over its competitors:

  1. By taking full advantage of the ionic bond principle between the teeth and the plaque, an ionic toothbrush could effectively make the teeth and the plaque repel each other. This method makes it possible to truly remove the plaque from your teeth. 
  2. An ionic toothbrush doesn't require any particular brushing technique nor any specially-made brushing heads to use. Once you press the metal plate lightly with moist fingers, all you need to do is simply gently brush the surface of your teeth thoroughly. This makes an ionic toothbrush way easier to use than a normal toothbrush.
  3. Since the main principle for an ionic toothbrush is the changes in the polarity of your teeth, there's no need for you to heavily brush your teeth. A light brush is enough for the brush to do its job. And with little to no friction from the brush, you would effectively eliminate any potential harm to your gum and nerves.
  4. Continuing from the previous point, in order for the ionic charges to work, you don't really need to use toothpaste. You could simply use the brush as is, and it would be sufficient for a thorough cleaning and to remove the plaque on your teeth.
  5. Finally, no matter what brands or models of an electric toothbrush that you preferred, it would certainly be bulky and relatively heavy. With a size of only slightly larger than a manual toothbrush, an ionic toothbrush is definitely lighter, smaller, and more portable.
What the expert says about ionic toothbrushes

There have been several studies conducted by experts on dental care regarding the effectiveness of an ionic toothbrush. There are also studies that were done especially to compare the effect of a normal toothbrush and an ionic toothbrush both on the cleanliness of your teeth and your overall oral health.

A number of other researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University and various other respected medical institutions from Japan published a study about the difference between an ionic toothbrush and a manual toothbrush in regards to plaque removals. They found that compared to a manual toothbrush, an ionic toothbrush is significantly more effective and efficient in removing plaque, especially in the premolar and molar areas.

Another study conducted by a team of researchers from the College of Dental Sciences from India wanted to find the effect of ionic toothbrushes on oral hygiene, gingival status, and microbial parameters. The result is an ionic toothbrush has proven to be significantly more effective in removing plaque, reduce gingival bleeding index, and have a better than average score on the microbial parameter.

Final thoughts on Ionic Toothbrushes

An ionic toothbrush could better remove the plaque on your teeth because of its ability to change the polarity charges of your teeth. Not only is it more effective to do its job, but it is also lighter, safer, and also easier to use than a normal toothbrush. 

Numerous studies conducted by various dental experts from different countries also point to the fact that this type of toothbrush is significantly better for your dental care and overall oral hygiene compared to a normal toothbrush. 

That's why it is easy to see that an ionic toothbrush is better in almost every aspect than both a conventional toothbrush and an electric toothbrush. If you still use a normal toothbrush, then you should definitely consider giving an ionic toothbrush a try. If this is the first time hearing about ionic toothbrushes, don't worry as we have done a lot of research and love the IONPA Ionic toothbrush line. We have found that although there isn't a lot of info or brands in north america, this was the best Ionic Toothbrush in the United States. We have just received their products and are in the midst of adding them to our reviews, but take it from us; the quality of cleaning they provide is pretty impressive.