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Oral B Pro 3000 hands on review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 1, 2021

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Quick review

The Oral B Pro 3000 is a mid-tier electric brush that has a couple of cleaning modes, reliable cleaning performance, and a sturdy and simple design. The brush has a 2-week battery life along with a travel case that makes it friendly for carrying around for travels and trips. The only cons of the product are the lack of a battery level interface and lack of cleaning modes.


  • Friendly for travelling
  • Mid-tier pricing plan
  • Reliable cleaning performance
  • Has a quadpacer that ensures healthy brushing


  • Lack of battery status interface
  • Only two cleaning modes



Oral B is one of the best electric toothbrush brands in the market. In collaboration with Braun, they have released high-quality products that vary in terms of its brushing modes, brush heads, features, with their similarity being its reliable teeth cleaning. With them, users are given adequate brushing through most of the teeth with the use of their trademark round brush that can cover more of the teeth’s surface and also reach through its edges. They continue to release different sets of brushes such as the Smart series, Genius, and the well-known Pro series.

Oral B Pro 3000 quick summary

The Oral B Pro 3000 is a mid-tier entry in its most affordable product series. This product has a lot of variants that differ in terms of color and the included brush heads. The product is a light unit that feels similar to their other products in terms of design. The variant that we tested had a blue and white body made of plastic. It had firm ridges that can help in griping the unit to prevent it from falling while brushing. It has a single button in the middle of it that can be used to turn it on, change its modes, and turn it off. The design feels medical grade, for better or for worse, instead of the chic appeal of its main competitor, Sonicare.  We found that the Oral B Pro 3000 review ranked it at a middle of the pack for value, which is not to say that it is bad by any means. It just wasn't the best.

Features of the Oral B 3000

Battery life

One of the key features that should be reviewed by customers first is the battery life of the unit. Given that most brushes are used during early in the morning or late in the night, it would be a great inconvenience to have to wait for it to finish charging before using it. Fortunately, the Oral B Pro 3000 has a respectable battery health of lasting up to 2 weeks. This is average in comparison to other brands but is still reliable enough to be carried for travelling.

Cleaning performance

When it comes to cleaning performance, Oral B never disappoints. With the brush, users can expect top-tier performance because of Oral B’s 3D cleaning that uses a mix of oscillating, rotating, and pulsating for cleaning the teeth which ensures that food debris will be removed. This is unique to the brand which is why many customers have made Oral B their standard brand. This also allows it to remove more plaque than with a manual brush which can only do so much strokes per minute. 

Cleaning modes

The unit has a total of 2 cleaning modes including Daily Clean and Sensitive. The Daily Clean is the standard brushing mode that is advisable for all users and the sensitive are for those with more specific needs. Both can be partnered with different brush heads as to have more variation in cleaning such as the 3D brush clean head, whitening brush head, and more. 

The unit has a quadpacer. This ensures that every quadrant of the teeth will be cleaned only at 30 seconds at most. This creates a beep for every quadrant. This ensures that only sufficient cleaning as recommended by dentists and hygienists will be given as to avoid stripping the teeth of its protective layer. 

Next, the unit also has a travel case which makes it easier to carry around with all of its components. Oral B is especially known for their durable travel case that has slots for the unit and the charger. 

Pressure sensor

One of the best parts of the product is the pressure sensor. This instantly lights up in case the user is pressing the unit too hard on their teeth. This prevents it from damaging it in the process.

Cons of the product

There are some downsides of the product as well.

First is the lack of a reliable battery status interface. Users can only know that it needs charging once a red beeping comes out of its unit which makes it very unreliable especially for those who are always on a rush. It would have been better if there is an interface that can display the amount of battery left instead of having to guess every time.

Aside from this, the lack of cleaning modes is also disappointing given that it is a mid-tier product, but in all honesty when we were using it we never really stopped in our tracks and thought " wow I really wish there was another cleaning mode" so if you can live with this lack of additional modes then this might be the model for you.

Final thoughts on the Oral B Pro 3000

In the end, the product is good for its price and its features. Given that it is mid-tier, its cleaning performance and its features may be satisfactory for some. However, users may want to check if the cleaning modes, battery performance, and some minor issues are deal breakers for some. If you think that it might be a good toothbrush for your needs please read our in depth review of the Oral B 3000 .