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Oral B Pro 2000 vs Oral B Pro 2500

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 29, 2021

Oral B toothbrush heads


Electric toothbrushes are recommended for those who are always on the go and who want complete teeth cleanliness at the same time. These are designed to be capable of a more intense cleaning that can take care of your gum health, remove teeth stains, and do all of this without damaging the enamel. The additional features it can provide also make it a worthwhile buy. Oral B is one of the most known brands because of their unique designs that is recommended by dentists and hygienists worldwide.

All about Oral B

The Oral B Pro series is known for its unique round brush design. Given that most dentists advise their users to do circular motions for brushing for optimal gum health, the brush will be ideal for most. Aside from this, it also ensures that most of the surface of the teeth will be properly cleaned.

What is the Oral B Pro 2000?

Oral B Pro 2000 has a lightweight design that makes it easy to handle and grip. The brush comes with a LED indicator which instantly lights up whenever the user is applying too much pressure to their teeth which is important for ensuring gum health. The brush has bristles that can do various actions to clean the teeth including rotating, pulsating, and oscillating. Being part of the Pro series, it also has a round brush design. To help users in brushing, the brush vibrates every 30 seconds to tell the user to change the quadrant of the teeth that they are cleaning.

What is the Oral B Pro 2500?

The Oral B Pro 2500 is a slightly more expensive product that makes up for it with some slight changes. The brush also has a round design that can clean most teeth stains and debris. Aside from this, the brush comes with multiple cleaning modes which depend upon the specific purpose of brushing such as gum care, teeth whitening, and more. The brush comes with a travel pack that makes it easy to carry around. The brush has a long battery lifetime which enables this. 

Oral B Pro 2000 vs Oral B Pro 2500

Upon reviewing, we found that there were barely any differences between the two products. Given that they are part of the same product line, this is quite expected. However, the simple answer is that most users will recommend the 2000 instead if they want to save more.

Brushing performance

Upon testing, we found that both brushes had the same cleaning performance when used every day and for cleaning the same teeth stains. Aside from this, both felt the same when used with the teeth, with neither particularly beating another with comfort or pressure applied.

The two brushes give two options for cleaning. One is for protecting the gums by ensuring that the edges will not be too strong in brushing the edges of the teeth. The other is the Daily Cleaning mode which gives standard cleaning performance for everyday usage. A missing cleaning option for both the brushes is the Sensitive Cleaning mode which may be favorable for those suffering from dental issues and may have sensitive nerves. Both of the brushes offer 3D oscillating and rotating cleaning which ensures that most of the teeth will be cleaned thoroughly. 

As with all Pro brushes, the two are designed to finish brushing within just two minutes. This is because it is the recommended time of brushing for dentists and hygienists. 

The two brushes can both be used with Oral B’s other brush heads such as the Sensitive, Ortho, Floss Action, 3D white, and more which makes up for its lack of a variety of cleaning modes.


Both of the brushes have a design that feels lightweight and steady to hold. The rear of the brush has ridges that make it more comfortable to hold. The Pro 2000 has the color options of either blue or pink while the 2500 has options of black or pink.

Pressure Sensor

A handy tool that many would be glad to have is the pressure sensor. When the user brushes their teeth too intensely and applies too much pressure in handling the brush, it will light up to notify them. This is very useful for those who are always on the rush and also for children who are still learning how to brush. This tool is available for both brushes. 

Battery performance

In terms of battery performance, the two brushes are the same. With these, users can expect up to two weeks if used normally. This makes it handy to carry around in trips even without the guarantee of an electric outlet. The brushes are also easy to charge, taking about 5 to 6 hours to finish fully charging. 

A common complaint with the two is the lack of an indicator of a battery health status, though, which will be very handy for reminding users when to charge the unit. 


In terms of features, the two don't really have many differences. The only one we can find is that 2500 has a good travel case where users can store their brush heads and brush properly. This makes it easy to carry around without damaging the parts. 

Both brushes come with a Lithium-ion battery. It also comes with a 2-year warranty from Oral B. 

So which is the better buy?

As stated above, the Pro 2000 is the obvious choice for those looking for a more affordable option. This is because there aren't a lot of differences between the two. However, some may be particularly interested with the travel case of the Pro 2500 especially if they want to bring it on trips and holidays.