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Oral B Pro 1000 vs Oral B Pro 3000

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 3, 2021

Two toothbrushes


Nowadays, traditional toothbrushes do not really hit the spot in terms of effective cleaning and maximum convenience. Most prefer the electric toothbrushes which are designed to make it easier to clean regularly by providing users with features which remove stains and plaques, advise them to move towards all the quadrants of the teeth, and do all of this within a couple of minutes. The Oral B Pro series is a popular choice because it is designed to be very effective in removing plaque compared to the traditional toothbrush. It utilizes the unique tool of the 3D cleaning action which puts more actions through pulsating, oscillating, and more for cleaning the teeth.

Oral B features

The main feature that separates the Oral B Pro toothbrushes is the round design of the brush. According to their website, the contours of the brush allow the user to clean the tips of their teeth and allow better gum health as it doesn’t poke its corners too much. Compared to a standard toothbrush, the Oral B Pro allows better overall teeth cleanliness and health. It is also not too big for the mouth.

Next, these brushes are known to be able to clean the teeth in about two minutes which is in accordance with the recommendations of most dentists and hygienists. During this time, the four quadrants of the teeth are cleaned accordingly. This time is also friendly for those who are always in a rush.

A common complaint with electric toothbrushes is its intensity. Some complain that their gums start to become damaged because of the bristles putting too much pressure on their teeth and gum. Because of this, Oral B has designed the Pro to have an automatic sensor which lights up if you apply too much pressure. In this way, you will be warned before you start to damage your teeth.

Lastly, the Pro is designed to have a very long-lasting charge. With them, you can expect up to two weeks of usage with one full charge and with normal usage. This makes it handy to carry around especially during trips and vacations where there may be no nearby electric outlet. The case of the toothbrushes is also durable and capable of carrying its various accessories without damaging it.

These brushes are equipped for carrying other Oral B brushes such as Deep Sweep, Precision Clean, Sensitive Clean, and more. 

Oral B Pro 1000

The Pro 1000 is a good option for those looking for a mid-priced electric toothbrush that gives a full cleaning experience. With its use of 3D technology, it uses different techniques to ensure that all parts of the teeth will be cleaned thoroughly. According to them, you can experience up to 300% more cleanliness when using this toothbrush as it is capable of cleaning along the gum line without much intensity.

Oral B Pro 3000

The Pro 3000 is the option for those with more budget and who want more features. Same with the 1000, the brush is also designed to clean teeth stains and plaque. It comes with a brushing timer which reminds you to change quadrants while cleaning your teeth. The brush is compatible with the Oral B application which it connects to via Bluetooth. This comes with a guide in brushing your teeth and also comes with various tips, weather advice, calendar reminders, and more. 

Differences between the two

Brushing modes

The main difference between the two is that the Pro 3000 has 3 brushing options that depend upon your brushing needs. With it, you can have access to the Daily Clean, Sensitive, and Gum Care brushing mode. The Daily Clean is the normal setting, with Sensitive for those experiencing sensitive teeth, and Gum Care for ensuring the health of the gums with light scrubbing at the ends. While this may be handy for some, the Daily Clean option of the Pro 1000 is generally good enough for most people. 


The Pro 3000 has a White brush head compared to the CrossAction head of the Pro 1000. With this, users are given the options for precision clean, deep sweep, floss action, sensitive, and more. However, the 3D white is limited for the Pro 3000.


Another great difference between the two is the additional features provided by the Pro 3000. With it, users are immediately notified in case they are pressing the toothbrush too intensely to their teeth. It detects the pressure and lights up. This is easily visible and is helpful for ensuring enamel health. The Pro 1000 also has this but it is not visible for users. 

The Pro 3000 can also be matched with the Oral B application through its Bluetooth connectivity. As mentioned above, this can help with guiding users through everyday brushing along with a couple of widgets. The Pro 1000 also does not have this.

Lastly, the Pro 3000 comes with its own storage compartment for the brush head to keep the sensitive parts safe for travelling.


In terms of cleaning, the two brushes do not really differ with each other as they both supply the right amount of pressure for ensuring the removal of plaques and teeth stains. However, with Pro 3000, the additional cleaning options may be handy for some with specific needs. In terms of power and precision, though, both toothbrushes do the job properly.

Battery life

Users will not be disappointed with the battery health of the two toothbrushes. Both can last up to 2 weeks which is long enough for it to be carried around anywhere.

Final choice

In the end, both toothbrushes are recommended. Those who are okay with the standard set of brushing modes and are on a budget are recommended with the Pro 1000 while those who want more features for more pricing are recommended the Pro 3000.