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Oral B Pro 1000 vs Oral B Pro 2000

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 24, 2021

Two electric toothbrushes


When purchasing an electric toothbrush, users want to have a full cleaning experience that makes them free of teeth stains, food debris, and more. Users must also expect better gum health with these as they are built to be more sensitive than the manual brushes. All of these benefits make them a must-have nowadays. Out of most brands in the market, Oral B is one of the most recommended ones especially by doctors and hygienists because of its special round bristle design which allows it to brush your teeth with the right pressure and technology to be thorough and gentle at the same time.

The Oral B Pro line

The Pro series of Oral B is their most affordable. With this product line, users are also given the round brush head. This can be changed with other types of brushes that may be more fit for your needs such as the Sensitive Bristles brush, the 3D cleaning brush, and more. It also has a brushing timer which reminds users to change the quadrant of the teeth they are cleaning every 30 seconds. Lastly, it is capable of deep cleaning action which can clean the parts of the teeth that are hard to do so for manual brushes. 

Oral B Pro 1000 vs Oral B Pro 2000

With both brushes being affordable choices, the only thing to consider will be what you are looking for everyday usage. Both of the brushes are good for general teeth cleanliness, design, and features. Check out the similarities and differences of the two brushes below.

Regional difference

Before going deep into their features, users should first know that there are regional differences between the two. First, the Oral B Pro 1000 is targeted towards the US market while the Oral B Pro 2000 is targeted towards the UK. This is why finding the products in case you are in the opposite country may be more difficult. There is usually a representative model, though, that is alike with the product in terms of features but not in name so be sure to check that out. 

Cleaning Modes

Both brushes have the Daily Clean mode which is the standard for all Oral B electric brushes. This uses a mixture of oscillating and rotating actions with the bristles to provide reliable cleaning for every day. With this, users can expect very good results within 2 minutes which is the recommended time by dentists.

However, the Pro 2000 has another cleaning mode which the 1000 doesn’t have which is the Sensitive mode. This can be used for those who want to take care of their gum health as this mode ensures that the brush will not cause it to be sore. This also goes well with the Sensitive brush head.

In terms of cleaning, the two brushes did not disappoint. They also did not have much of a difference in terms of cleaning power so if this isn’t a problem for you, then Pro 1000 is still a viable choice. 


Because electric brushes need batteries to function, battery health is important to consider. This might be the greatest difference between the two. The Pro 1000 uses the Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH battery to function while the Pro 2000 uses the industry-standard Lithium Ion or Li-Ion. Between the two, the latter is the best choice given that it is still the most-used battery type for newer models. 

Because of this, the 1000 offers significantly less battery life. The maximum number of days it was able to work based on our testing was only 7 days which is very short compared to the industry standard of up to two weeks. In comparison, the Pro 2000 lasted for at least 2 weeks at least. Because of this, users must ensure that the 1000 must always be charged before going on trips as it is not that reliable.

A common complaint about the battery life of the Pro series, though, is that they fail to advise users when it is running low. This might be especially inconvenient if you tend to forget about charging the electric toothbrush frequently.

Pressure Sensors

A pressure sensor allows users to be notified in case they are brushing their teeth too hard and may cause damage to their teeth’s enamel. Both brushes have this, but the Pro 2000 has a visible pressure sensor which immediately lights up in case you are brushing too hard. Pro 1000 only decreases the power of the brush if this happens which some may confuse for faulty battery. 


In terms of design, both brushes have the rubber grip known with Oral B brushes that make it easier to hold the brush while gliding it across the teeth. It comes in multiple color variants. However, the Pro 2000 comes with multiple brush head variants such as 3D cleaning, sensitive, or CrossAction which might make it more affordable for those who don’t want to purchase a separate brush head for their specific needs.


Between the two, the Pro 1000 is cheaper because it is the introductory product in its product line. The gap between the two is not that big, though.

Which do we choose?

Between the two, the Pro 2000 is a better choice; even if it is slightly more expensive than the Pro 1000. This is because of its additional functionalities that are very important for better user experience such as the visible pressure sensor and additional cleaning modes that are added only for a couple more dollars. This doesn’t mean that the Pro 1000 is not recommended, though, as it is still a good choice because of its cleaning capabilities and its design.