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World's Best Dual Action Polisher Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 24, 2021

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Summary Review of worlds best dual action polisher


Failed polishing always ends up leaving more damage to the car or not getting better results at all. It's always a pain to feel your investment isn't enough to make it shine once again. Perhaps you're searching for a beginner-friendly tool that you can rely on to align with your current skills?

Then this is where the World's Best DA Polisher comes with a price tag of $154.98. However, is it worth your hard-earned cash in exchange for this power tool? Let's find out first what you'll earn in the package as you unbox it.

  • Storage Bag
  • Velcro Backing Plate
  • Pad wrench
  • Side handle
  • D-handle
  • A pair of replacement carbon brushes

The polisher has remarkable characteristics that we found helpful after testing it. Hopefully, you'll achieve better results as well. Going back to the topic, here are the perks of using the World's Best DA Polisher:

  • Varying Speed, Multi-purpose

Its high speed, high functionality offers more than mere polishing. Adjust the speed as you desire, and you can go from 2,500 to 6,500 OPM. The same perfection as treating your ride like a newborn.

  • Zap-proof

No one escapes from the unfortunate accidents that may happen in your car garage. However, we're here to tell you about the ground fault circuit interrupter, which severs power once it comes into water contact. But seriously, who would drop their polisher onto the water?

  • Quiet and Efficient

Salute to Shurhold for making a polisher that respects their customer's peace of mind when dealing with their auto. Not only does it produce less vibration and noise versus the other models, but it's also efficient. 

  • RPM

Once you switch on the power button, the World's Best DA polisher starts oscillating slowly. Its full potential will be revealed after sliding the ergonomic speed dial. From 1 to 6, the device begins with 2,500 OPM up to 6,500.


  • Distance of Throw

What can 8mm short-throw polishers like this model can do to your car? Well, it gives you movement freedom in tight spaces as you polish. This makes everything about awkward surfaces easier to reach.


  • Ergonomics

People are sensitive to their environment. That's why many companies are designing their tools and equipment free from ergonomic hazards. A big thumbs up to Shurhold for meeting typical customer demands.

Speaking of which, they have added a rubberized grip on the polisher head and handle. It's crucial so users holding them can get a better grasp of the machine. Otherwise, they'll slip it off and when that happens mid polish it is not a good thing for anyone. You can tell that Shurholds products are made by people who understand what is needed, why it is needed, and the value of having features that are useful.

The tool's weight is around 2 kgs, making it a a good balance between being heavy enough to not feel like any movement will disturb your polishing, but light enough that you can easily do a car in a session.


  • Handle

The World's Best DA polisher provides ambidextrous handles so anyone can use them. In the package, they have added a side handle and a D-handle. It's normal to grip on the platypus head, but some people prefer grabbing on where they're comfortable.


  • Attachments and Extras

Everything that makes up this tool – be it an attachment or add-ons – is the reason for its uniqueness. 

Like the previous polishers we've covered, it has the same Velcro 5" to 6" backing plate to secure polishing pads. Compatible pads should have the size of 5.5" to 6.5". However, these are sold separately. 

A 20-foot power cord is also attached to the rubber handle, where you can cling it on your shoulder while polishing. It's essential to make work easier, granting you more space to move and if you are looking at getting your first polisher we must say that having a longer cord on the unit itself just makes life easier. You might think, I have a long extension cord at home so why bother. The truth is that when you plug a smaller cable into the extension cord it will be a bit harder to move, and one more thing that might bump into your paint and cause a defect. 

When it comes to safety, the World's Best DA polisher has all it takes to protect its users. It's called the GFCI, where it cuts off power to the unit once it's shorted or submerged in water. This is pretty common since it's a standard to have it, yet it brings a difference in case accidents happen. 


Brand Quality

The manufacturing company behind the polisher is Shurhold, a Florida-based detailing company. Not only are they known for selling automotive care tools and supplies, but they're also known for marine and aircraft maintenance. And over the years, they kept providing high-quality tools and strategies for customers to get the results they want.

Among several marketing strategies the company is doing to get sales are self-help guides. Many people like video tutorials over reading, and that's what the company follows. In simpler words, they listen to their customers.

If you are wondering who Shurhold is then let’s go into their history, as we feel it is important to not only know about the product but the people behind it. 

It all began in July 1973 founded by a man named William E. Peach. Peach, as you have guessed, is fond of car care and even opened his garage. Little did he know that his steps would bring him closer to the world he wants. 

He was knowledgeable about how cars worked, unfortunately, he was unfamiliar with how the tools he handled and the cleaning supplies he used were made. But that's not the end for him.

The company relocated a year later to B & An Industrial Park of Stuart in Florida. Currently, Shurhold is situated in Palm City. It was in 1988 when Barry Berhoff purchased the company and expanded their operations that they got into the space they are in now which is twice as big as the original sized building. 



The first thing you will notice is that even if you are a beginner and it’s your first time correcting paint , the polisher feels beginner-friendly, meaning that when it is in your hands you don’t feel like it is something that doesn’t belong there. It will only take a few slides to change the speed, and it's all good for waxing, buffing, and polishing imperfections. 

Once you have the rpms going you will notice how very easy it is to move around your workstation because of a long cord attached to the handle. It's not a pigtail but a solid cord that you can hang on your shoulders. Less effort and more efficiency guaranteed while also reducing the possibility of marring the paint with accidental bumps.

However, most people deal with excessive noise and vibrations from car polishers that ruin their momentum. Good news: this polisher produces fewer distractions for car lovers planning to be productive. Nothing's perfect than polishing your vehicle with peace.

Now it's worth mentioning how Shurhold got generous with their package as they've included two different grippy handles. Generally, holding onto something while cleaning your car is the best way to gain more movement control. And we're very conclusive that the presence of the extras is a great benefit.

There are many models to choose from, but this DA polisher truly defines itself as the best.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent attachments
  • GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) tech
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly


  • Limited warranty