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Why is a dual-action polisher better than a rotary polisher?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 4, 2021

Polisher a car


Being able to maintain your car on your own is important. Because of this, you should have some tools at your disposal that can make the job easier and can give better results. One of these are the polishers that can help you remove scratches on the car’s surface and give it better shine.

When looking for a polishing tool, you will encounter two popular choices. One of these is the rotary polisher and the other is the dual-action polisher. This article will be a quick guide on why investing in a dual-action polisher might be a better option for you.

How do polishers work?

Polishers are used to clear any light scratches and swirls in your car’s surface. It can give it a glossy look by flattening the surface and removing some of the coat’s layer. In all the tasks that are done at car shops, this is one that you can do the most by yourself. Some can even do hand polishing, but this can get boring and tiring quickly.

With a machine polisher, you can have hundreds or thousands of rotations per minute that can make polishing faster. You simply need to aim it at the surface with scratches and let it polish for a few seconds.

Dual action vs. Rotary polishers

Rotary polisher

This polisher has a single direction when polishing. Because of this, it does the job faster. It can also easily polish the deepest cuts in the car’s surface. However, the main drawback is that it can also easily build up heat. This is especially if you press it too long on the coat. This is why it is mostly recommended to be used only for experienced users and experts in car shops.

In summary, its pros are that it can help fix any major scratches. It is also faster for polishing. Its downside is that it can cause damage to your car when used improperly.

Dual-action polishers

On the other hand, dual-action polishers use multiple axles when rotating. Its pad goes through many directions instead of only one. Because of this, it can polish a big part of the car’s surface while also lessening friction and buildup of heat. The result of using this product is also different as it tends to be more refined because of how it applies pressure to the car’s surface. Because of this, it is a much safer option that can be used even by absolute beginners. These are sold in various sizes and with different pads that help make it more customized for your car.

In summary, its pros are that it gives better polishing to your car. It is much gentler and can be used by beginners. Its downside is that you will have a longer time when trying to correct deep scratches.

Why should you use a dual-action polisher?

As you can infer, dual-action polishers are the best choice for you. Even if you have adequate knowledge about polishing, they still have better results in terms of gloss. Severe cuts are better handled by professionals who can use the rotary polisher better. This is because dual-action polishers are gentler on the car’s coat. It tries to emulate hand polishing at a much faster pace.

What should you look for in a dual-action polisher?

Dual-action polishers have a lot of varieties to suit different car needs. Because of this, you must match the product you will buy to your car’s size, how much polish you need, and more.  


Having a lot of options for the speed of the polisher can be a big deal. This lets you know how much pressure and force you will be exerting on the surface of the car. Low speeds are good if you only want to shine the surface of the car. Higher speeds are better to be able to polish deeper cuts. A good speed is between 1000 rotations per minute up to 3000. There are also those who offer higher speeds to be used for deeper cuts.


You should read reviews about the product that you plan to purchase. This lets you know what customers say about the quality of its polishing, its parts, and more. This also lets you easily see if a product has major issues and if it should be avoided.


The size of the product is a big factor. After all, the usual 4-seaters can use almost any size, but RVs and vans would need bigger polishers. For this, it is important for you to get a product that has a large orbit that makes polishing faster and easier. This also affects the weight of the product.

User comfort

When polishing your car, you will be holding a vibrating machine that you would need to direct to different parts of the car. This takes a while to finish which can cause stress and pain to your hand. A good product should have a lot of customizations to make it comfortable to hold. For example, this can be seen with longer cords, having a speed lock, and more.


Finally, you should look for a product that fits your needs and more but is still affordable. Prioritize your car’s needs, the product design and user comfort, and then pick the best one through its price.


Dual-action polishers are the better option compared to rotary polishers for beginners They are easier to use can be used for polishing your car at home. It does not easily build-up heat, gives better shine to the car’s exterior, and is easier to use. When looking for one, be sure to look for a product with good reviews, price, and features.