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What is Meguiars DA Power System?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 30, 2022

getting the car paint ready for polishing


The Meguiars DA Power System is a dual-action polisher recommended for everyday polishing needs. It sports a speed range of 1,500 up to 2,500 revolutions per minute which is recommendable for basic paint polishing. It uses both oscillating and rotating motions to do its job which is comparable to hand polishing which makes it gentle yet reliable at the same time. It is engineered to be very precise in its job. It comes in a durable frame that is easy to maneuver around the car’s exterior. It also comes with 4-inch power pack pads where users can put the rubbing compound on. 

Is the Meguiars Dual action system good for everyday use?

The unit is best used by those with simple polishing needs given its limited speed range. Even with this, users are given the best performance with the high innovation provided to its pads and its machinery. It can be used for light polishing and for applying wax to the unit. It has a convenient side handle on it which makes it comfortable to use for extended periods of time. 

Who makes Meguiar products?

Meguiar is a once-family owned business that was acquired by Fortune 500 company 3M. They have always been known for their high-quality products that mostly cater towards car detailing. They have been around since 1901 and have continued to improve the quality of their products to make it more accessible for its users. Their catalogues include automotive care, professional products care, and marine or RV care. They consistently get high ratings on their Amazon page where users compliment the quality of their products along with their responsive customer care.

Features of the Meguiar polishing system

The unit has a lot of features for giving the best polishing performance. First, it has a pressure cast alloy housing that allows it to be extra durable even when accidentally dropped by the user. Its grips are also cushioned to make it easy to hold for long polishing times and to protect the exterior when it accidentally hits it. It also has proprietary planetary gear sets that enable it to give good polishing which can remove swirls and light scratches from the car’s exterior. It also has a safety skirt made of rubber that can limit the damage that can occur when the sides come in contact with the car’s surface. It also has a compact design that makes it easy to polish parts that are usually unreachable. 

The product is recommended to be used with Meguiar’s own rubbing compound and its ultimate polish liquid as to ensure the gloss and shine of the exterior. You can also use it with the Meguiar Ultimate Wax. The product comes with its own DA polishing pad.

Should you be using dual-action polishers?

Polishing is necessary for maintaining the condition of your car’s exterior. It is done to remove swirls, minor scratches, and other irregularities in the car’s surface. While it may seem hard to do, polishing can actually be done at home. However, users should note that dual-action polishers are the tools that are recommended for this. This is because of the oscillating and rotating motion done by these tools that mimic hand polishing. With this, users can be extra careful with polishing the exterior while doing it at a much faster rate. Aside from this, the unit can also be used to apply wax to the car as long as the polishing pads are smooth enough for this. 

This is because rotary wheels, which are usually used by professionals in auto detailing shops, have the risk of overheating the exterior of the car when left for a long time. Dual-action polishers have minimal risk of doing this even if a total beginner is using it. 

However, users should take note that particularly deep scratches may not be polished properly at home. This is because it requires more pressure which dual-action polishers may not be able to give. For this, users may need to consult a professional at an auto detailing shop.  If you are looking for one of our favorite dual action polishers and don't think you need this kit then make sure you read our full review of the SPTA 125 mm radnom orbital polisher we just did. We think it is a great value for the price, as it does a good job and won't break the bank.