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Spta polisher review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 10, 2021

cleaning a car before polishing


After months, sometimes even weeks, of frequent use, your car would not look as polished as it was when you just bought it. The paint will look somewhat faded and there will be scratches and swirls all over the place. Give it some more time and it won't even look like it has the same color as it was originally. 

The solution to prevent such a horrible thing is through proper and regular polishing. This is one of the only methods that you can do in order to preserve the crisp appearance of your car. And the result would be a lot better if you hire a professional to do it. 

But such services could be quite expensive. Can't you just do it yourself? Sure you can. There are lots of professional grade tools that are still beginner friendly out there. One of them is called Spta polisher. This brief article will tell you about what it is, what are its features, and the benefits of using one.  If you are looking for a full review of the SPTA dual action polisher make sure you read our in depth article. This article is a high level review of the product with pros and cons, while our full review goes even more in depth.

What is a Spta polisher?

Spta polisher is the brand of one of the most popular car polisher tools in the market right now. It was powerful, easy to use, and came equipped with numerous customization options. Spta polisher also comes in various models and sizes that you can choose according to your particular need. 

Spta has a bulky double-action buffer polisher for the heavy duty job, there's also a slimmer version for a much more portable polishing job, and the cordless version for an extra ease of movement. Not only limited to the polishing, Spta also has various dedicated sanding tools available. 

Spta polisher is the brand under a company called Hubei Shine Guys Auto Accessories Co.,Ltd. As the name suggests, this company is based on China. They entered the market by creating high quality brushing pads and other accessories until they finally developed their own car polisher tool. And slowly but surely, they've become customer's favorite brand. 

What are the features of Spta polisher
  • double-action polisher. Polisher from Spta is equipped with the powerful dual action movements that ensure a greater level of polishing with less energy consumption. It's also not limited to just polishing your car, you can use Spta for wood, marble, metal, ceramic tile, and many more.  
  • Ergonomics design. Every Spta polisher was designed to be extremely ergonomic. Because on average, you will likely be using this tool for quite an extended period of time, so by making it easy to handle and comfortable to your grip, it will significantly reduce your fatigue on your hands and wrists. 
  • Six speed adjustment. Spta polishers have six different speed adjustments that you can freely choose depending on what you need to do with your car. If you're trying to polish your car from scratches and swirls, higher speed is a better option. But if you simply want to make your car shine, then lower speed should be sufficient. 
  • Constant speed. Spta polishers will always make sure that you get a constant flow of power and speed. That way, you won't have to worry about any sudden changes in the force of the double-action movement. They also create a dedicated switch for this feature for some models.
  • Replaceable backing plate. With Spta polishers, you won't be stuck with your initial configuration. If you need a different type of brushing pads, you can easily change it. And if you want a different backing plate, you can also change it. As long as it fits the original size, then you can customize it however you need. 
  • Cooling vent. Every Spta polisher was designed with a proper ventilation on its body. This creates a stable and proper air flow that would help dissipate the heat. That's why unlike polishers from other brands, Spta polishers won't easily get hot to the touch.
Benefits of using Spta polisher
  • Easy to use. From its ergonomic design to the six different speed configurations, and also a constant speed and power, Spta polisher was designed to be user friendly. They also go above and beyond to make sure that the user will feel comfortable while using Spta polishers. 
  • Affordable. Spta polishers have a wide range of prices for their numerous range of polishing tools. The bulky and powerful one, the cordless one, the mini one, they have it all. And compared to other brands in the market, Spta products have a more affordable price tag.

Spta offers a numerous range of polishers that you can choose based on your particular needs and preferences. Each one is equipped with powerful features with ergonomic design to make sure you will stay comfortable and reduce the change of fatigue on your wrist while using it. What's more, they are also very versatile and affordable. You should give it a try.