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Is it safe to use a dual-action polisher?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 6, 2021

Using a dual action polisher on a black car


Polishing is often forgotten as a part of maintaining the car’s exterior. After all, newer vehicles can still retain their shine with just a full wash and some waxing. However, those who have light scratches and contaminants that are hard to remove by brushing can benefit a lot from polishing. This ensures that its texture will be kept pristine. This also helps in adding shine to the car so that its paint can last longer. Polishing can be done either through an auto detailing shop or at home. 

Is it safe to use a dual-action polisher?

Using dual-action polishers is one of the safest ways to clean your car, only next to hand polishing. With this, the polisher uses an oscillating and rotating motion that can ensure proper polishing without the risk of overheating which may damage the car’s paint. With small vibrations from the unit, users can keep the paint pristine while being able to polish minor scratches in the car’s exterior. The unit is also light and easy to maneuver around the exterior to ensure the best polishing that can be applied for most of the exterior.

Dual-action polishers come with a lot of tools that make it safe to use. First, some of these have speed locks that prevent it from being too slow or too fast while being used which prevents it from building too much heat and damaging the paint. Next, these also have a feature that allows it to be cordless which makes it more convenient to bring to the different parts of the car. Even with this, it still has sufficient power that allows it to have the right amount of revolutions per minute to remove scratches on the exterior of the car. 

Dual action polishers also come with good grips and handles that make it easy to hold while polishing. After all, it is expected for these units to vibrate a little in the process which may add stress to the hands during extended polishing times. These are especially helpful for making sure that your polishing is precise. 

Lastly, it is also helpful if the dual action polisher has an instant shutdown tool. With this, the unit will immediately shut down in case you use it incorrectly. This is to prevent the machine from damaging your paintwork. This is especially helpful if the user is only a beginner.

Can you use something else other than a dual action polisher?

An easy alternative is to simply do hand polishing which is recommended if you are more comfortable with this. Simply put the rubbing compound on the polishing pad and do a swirling motion. Keep it damp to ensure that the paint will not be damaged. 

While users can be sure that this method is safe for their car, it is also the most difficult to do. Polishing an entire car can be very draining when done by hand especially if the car has a lot of scratches in its exterior.

Next, you can also use the rotary wheel. This is known for only having one direction of spinning for polishing the car. This is a tool that is often used by professionals in auto detailing shops. Its main benefit is that it can be used faster and that it can also target deep scratches. However, these are mostly recommended for pros as it can easily build-up heat on the exterior which can cause it to be damaged. 

We really suggest that you do your research if you want to polish your car. If you have, and want to save your arm from falling off, you will know that rotary and dual action polishers are really the only choice to get a high quality job done on your paint. Out of these two options we suggest the dual action for its user friendliness and have put together a list of the top dual action polishers available right now.

When should you look for professional detailing services?

Sometimes, it is still recommended to look for professional detailing services. Mostly, this is advised if you are unsure of your skills and are afraid of damaging the quality of your car’s paint in the process. This is also recommended in case simple polishing won’t do the job of fixing the car’s exterior. Lastly, it can also be recommended if you want a full washing, polishing, and waxing process done by another person.