What is iHoment?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 7, 2021

Digital picture frame on a desk by a lamp


Digital frames are the modern alternative for photo frames. It acts like a tablet but with most of its functionalities aimed towards displaying photos 24/7 in a continuous slideshow. This makes it possible to display multiple photos in just one frame. With its use of LED, users can barely feel the difference in their electricity rates. This, partnered with the high-quality of images along with the features that they are given, makes this a common choice for a lot of homes. iHoment is a digital frame that is known for its mid-tier price and high-quality features. It is a perfect balance between a photo frame and an all-around tablet. We did a complete review on IHoment and were very impressed by their product.


What is iHoment?

iHoment is a product created by Govee which is a Chinese company that aims to provide high-quality home gadgets. They are also known for creating LED strip lights, home security products, and thermometer items that have good ratings on online shops.

iHoment is a 10-inch virtual frame that is notable for its high-quality features and design that comes at an average price which is accessible to many. With a resolution of 1024 x 768, most users will be comfortable with the photo quality especially if viewed from a good distance.

iHoment Design

iHoment has a mostly plastic frame that makes it lighter to carry around. However, some may find the design to seem cheap because of this which might be a turn-off.

It uses black bezels to make the photo stand out more. It is mostly thick at the top part as it has a video camera and a light sensor placed here. Its exact aspect ratio is 4:3 which makes it good for most photos.              

Photo quality

Upon checking, iHoment had a good matte design and glass that made it good for viewing even when sideways. This makes it good for displaying on any side of the room. It also has an automatic light sensor that allows it to brighten or dim itself depending on the light of the room without the need for manual changing.

It has a good photo quality that is able to display good contrast among colors and stay true to the quality of the original photo. To ensure that the photo will be displayed in the best way by the frame, users are free to change the dimensions of the picture for it to fit better.

One of the best parts about the frame is its set-up which is extremely easy to do. Incorporating images is a breeze even if you are not an expert with technology. Aside from this, it also has an AI that allows the photos you insert to be categorized depending on similar motifs such as “smiling” or “pets”. They also have an AI that you can control by voice which is named “Robola”. Upon testing, it was able to understand our controls from the other side of the room accurately which is very handy in case you want your slideshow of pictures to move faster without manually configuring it.

iHoment Wi-Fi connections

The iHoment picture frame  can connect to the Wi-Fi for users to easily store their images into the cloud storage of the tablet. For this, users simply need to create an account where they can then upload photos. This is especially helpful for those who are planning to gift it to older folks who may have trouble manually storing their photos inside the frame.

Aside from this, users can also store their photos inside an SD card for the frame to receive. It also has slots for USB and micro-USB.

With this internet connectivity, users can make voice and video-calls through the photo frame which makes it closer to a tablet but with an affordable price. Upon testing, it had a good audio quality for both the user and the receiver of the call which makes it good for regular usage. The product also has a responsive touch-screen interface that makes it good for typing in the chat of the call.

iHoment final review

The iHoment is an excellent option for those looking for a mid-tier photo frame. It has a lot of features that makes it more than an average digital frame. Unlike other products, it does not put this simply to make its list of features larger, and instead, gives a high-quality design for Wi-Fi connectivity, video-calling, and more. It also does not disappoint in its main feature of displaying photos with its good photo contrast, quality, and crispness. The only part we were disappointed in was the plastic design of the frame which gives it a cheaper feel. Aside from this, the frame is an absolute recommend.