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Aura Mason Digital Frame Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 23, 2020

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Photo frames are a staple of any home. Mostly coming in rectangular shapes, it is made to display photoand to preserve memories. While it may come in different variations in terms of colors and material, finding the perfect frame for your home may be difficult and too time-consuming. This, along with the digital approach to images nowadays gave birth to the use of digital frames. As the name implies, it allows users to display their photos in tablet-like frames that can display a slideshow of your favorite pictures. It combines the wonders of technology along with the traditional usage of a photo frame. We do a full review of the Mason digital picture frame to find out everything this beautiful piece of hardware has to offer.

Who is Aura?

Aura is an innovator of the digital frame industry. The company was launched in 2012 and is based in New York, USA. They are known for their very modern approach to digital frames, taking into account stylistic trends and popular motifs nowadays. It is no surprise that this taste also applies to the Aura Mason which is a digital frame bordered with expertly crafted stone. The design is made to be subtle as to make the photos it displays standout while having a quality that feels expensive and high-quality at the same time. Its matte black design is an easy choice to match along with any home color motif. 

Aura Mason Digital Frame

The digital photo frame, designed to be used in any room, can be used in both landscape and portrait mode. It isn’t bulky as it can support itself using the edge of the frame. This makes it fit any table and space-conserving. With a display of 8.57 inches, it can easily be put anywhere. The frame can be configured using a free application that can be downloaded for both iPhone and Android. 

Given that most of the set-up for the frame will be done through this application, Aura has made it very accessible for its users. It uses a simple and easy to use application which guides users through the process of transferring the photos which they want the frame to display. It is especially useful for those whose photos are already downloaded in their phone. Pictures on social media can be downloaded in case you want to use them. There is no need to use a remote for doing this as everything can be done through your phone which makes it easier. 

The frame is easily recommended to be a gift. You can allow the frame to instantly display the photos you have in your account by scanning a QR on the box of the frame which you will use. Through this, multiple users can contribute photos for a single frame. Aside from this, you can also contact Aura to do an email setup where you can link your account to a unit that you will send to the recipient, lessening the hassle on your end. This can also make it easier for elderly users who are not familiar with technology to use the device. 


Given that the pictures it uses will come from an online cloud database, you must connect the unit to a Wi-Fi network in order to use it. Here, the unit can be linked to an e-mail or a phone where the photos will come from. The frame has a 1600 x 1200 resolution which is large enough to accommodate any photos. The color quality of Aura Mason is excellent, able to show our images the same with its original condition. We tested a lot of images to test this, ranging from those displaying very colorful scenes along with mostly dark ones, all of which were displayed nicely. 

Staying true to its promise that the unit can be used in any room, it comes with an automatic light sensor. This can change the intensity of the display in case the room is dark, closing the unit at night when it is unnecessary and also when there is no one near to see it (called a presence sensor). 

Is the frame recommended for you?

Aura Mason is a premier choice for those looking for a chic and modern digital photo frame. The frame can easily fit in any home but especially for those with minimalist motifs. The frame is very easy to fit anywhere given its non-reliance on stands. Its amazing photo display will not disappoint any user. This, along with its easy process of storing photos makes it an easy choice. 

The digital frame is especially recommended for those looking for those that are especially picky with photo quality. It is also recommended for those looking for an easy digital photo frame given its integration with mobile phones and e-mail. It is also for those who want an easy gift for their elderly relatives and friends who are not used to configuring with technology that much.  

However, the frame is not recommended if you want to have multiple viewing angles and for those who want an adjustable stand as the frame does not have one which allows it to take less space. Aside from this, those who are used to using SD cards for their digital photo frames may be disappointed as this frame does not have a slot for this. Instead, every photo can be inserted through the application. Lastly, those who want more control over how the frame displays slideshows may be disappointed with the lack of options for transitions and effects.