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Aura Frames Carver Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 8, 2021

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Aura Frames is an innovator in the digital frame market, creating products that are known for exquisite design and unique features. The Carver is their digital photo frame inspired by minimalist architecture built to be displayed in a house designed similarly. 


The highlight of the Carver digital picture frame is its elegant design. The structure is made to feature only clean lines and straight geometric shapes to give a sense of solidness and simplicity. It does not have embellishments and adornments. This makes it easy to display anywhere in the house and help bring out the features of the photos it displays.  

What sets Carver apart from the other digital frames of Aura is that it is the biggest frame that they have made. This allows users to display their images in its full glory and with high definition. Its exact dimensions are 10.63 x 2.6 x 7.45 inches. Users can enjoy a resolution of 1920x1200 for the highest definition for pictures. 

The product comes in two colors namely Charcoal and White Chalk which gives it flexibility in terms of design. 

The product can be controlled using the single touch bar on top of the frame. Changing the photos is easy as the controls are simple and intuitive. Users can change and remove photos instantly through this.


The Carver takes full advantage of its large size by allowing two portraits photos to be displayed side-by-side. This can make it possible to display similar or chronological images together if it fits the mood. This can be enjoyed along with the Intelligent Photo Pairing. This feature makes the photo frame automatically pair two related photos to fully display a mood. It uses AI to automatically group similar photos based on similar features to make this possible. 

Regular customers of Amazon will be delighted to discover that the digital photo frame is Alexa-compatible and can receive voice commands from the user.  

Because the product is part of the Aura Digital frame line, users can also send photos from their phone to the unit through an application. They can also add photos coming from their friends and family via WiFi and with a phone or tablet. The digital photo frame has an unlimited cloud storage which allows users to send thousands of pictures without limit. Users do not need to pay for a subscription fee for doing this too. Aura Frames also promises maximum security with the images uploaded in their database. 

The Carver uses WUXGA resolution from displaying the images which bring out the best color for the digital photos. It has an auto-dimming feature which allows it to lessen its brightness in case the room is dark. This can make it good to use even inside bedrooms. 

The digital photo frame also comes with an intelligent AI which automatically crops and positions images to be displayed in the frame perfectly no matter its size. 

Final thoughts

We did a full review on many different digital photo frames and were really impressed by what Aura has done with their two primary products. Their user interface, cloud storage, and design really set them apart from the competition.  Overall