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Aura Frames Carver 2021 Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 30, 2020

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Aura Frames is a known digital photo frame company that offers premier products complete with innovative features and design. The Carver is their largest digital photo frame that comes with premier photo display quality and countless features.


The Carver is built to match minimalist architecture trends that most households nowadays follow. It does not have many embellishments and designs to as to emphasize the photos it displays. As mentioned before, it is the largest digital photo of Aura Frames, with dimensions of 10.63 x 2.6 x 7.45 inches.

The photo frame has a sturdy base that feels solid and sturdy to the touch. Even so, it still manages to have a slim design to make it comfortable to the hands. The unit weighs about 4 pounds.

The frame can be attached on any wall or table. It comes with two colors, Charcoal and Chalk White, to make it match with any room motif.

Setting it up

Even with all of its high-tech features, it is still very easy to use the Carver. For starters, users only need to plug the color-coded port at the back part of the frame to color. To connect it to the smartphone, users will need to insert a code along with creating an account.

After this, users can put multiple photos on the storage. The unit has an unlimited cloud storage for its users, allowing thousands of photos to be uploaded. Users do not need to worry about subscription fees and add-on fees with Aura Frames as everything is included in the initial payment. 

Both Android and Apple phones and tablets can be used to upload photos. Family and friends can also do so by downloading an application.


The Carver Digital Picture Frame  has a smart AI that automatically groups photos according to categories and similar tags. This allows it to display two portrait photos at once that is made possible by its large size. With the Smart AI, users can receive photos of similar mood and time.

When selecting photos for upload, the application will automatically notify users in case the resolution of their picture is too low. Photos with awkward dimensions or sizes are also automatically cropped and resize by the digital photo frame for the best display.

The frame offers a Smart Select feature that applies filters to enhance photos. The frame can also be used to detect similar faces to create an algorithm based on frequency of appearance.

Displaying photos in any room is amazing with The Carver. It has high-quality color reproduction capable of producing good contrast and brightness. The digital photo frame has an anti-reflective surface that makes it good to use even in well-lit areas such as a living room or an office. It also has an auto-dimming feature that automatically lowers the brightness of the frame if the room is dark.

The Carver is a solid digital photo frame made by a reliable brand. It is filled with intuitive features, high-quality product design, and excellent photo display.


The Carver is an excellent choice for a digital photo frame for those looking for the best quality of photo display, intuitive controls, and unlimited cloud storage. Built with both minimalist architecture for design and large resolution capabilities, it can fit any household or office.


  • Has good image display quality
  • Has unlimited cloud storage that does not require additional payment
  • Has a minimalist design that makes it easy to blend in any house


  • None