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Aura Carver review for 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 22, 2020

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Digital frames are the modern equivalent of traditional photo frames. It innovates the standard photo frame by using a tablet-like model instead which can enhance the photos we display and even allow users to upload their photos through SD card and online cloud database. A digital frame also comes with a lot of features which allows more slideshow options, transition effects, and more. These products range in terms of the material it uses, the number of features they have, and their pricing, Users are advised to review all of these before buying one.

Aura is a known company for digital frames. Based in New York, the company released top-tier digital frames which are always innovators in terms of their design, their photo quality, and their features. Aura’s Carver Digital Frame is another standout product designed to be elegant and minimalist as to be able to fit any home. It is Wi-Fi based which means that it can display photos coming from your mobile phones which can be stored in a cloud database. With all of this, though, the main highlight for the digital frame is its amazing photo quality it displays.

First impressions

The photo frame is mainly for landscape photos. It has a 10.1-inch frame which has a 1920 x 1200 resolution which is more than enough for displaying photos of everyday scenes, breathtaking spots, and more. Given that Aura is always consistent with the quality of their photo frames, this aspect should be expected at this point. Upon testing, we find that the frame is able to display the ideal amount of contrast, color, and crispness for the photos that we used. Photos that lack in terms of pixels were still displayed satisfyingly by the frame, its flaws overlooked by the good display quality of the frame. In our review of the Carver digital picture frame we found that it was easily the most beautiful frame we have ever reviewed. A lot of time and thinking went into how it is supposed to look ; not only in the box but in your house.

Storing images on the Carver digital picture frame

With Carver, users do not need to use an SD card to store their images which may be a relief for some. Instead, they can upload their images to a cloud storage service that is provided by Aura that can be downloaded in both Apple and Android devices. This does not have a subscription fee along with a limit which means that users can upload many photos for their devices. The device is friendly for elderly users as their family members can simply upload the photos to be displayed in the frames through the cloud storage which is shared by many. It also allows multiple photo types include PNG, JPEG, and GIF. 

As mentioned above, users do not need to worry about the quality of the photos they upload. The digital frame has a smart tool which can crop and position your photos in case it is not exactly up to the size of the frame. It also has a Paired Portrait Mode. Given that the frame is large enough for this, this tool allows two portrait photos to be displayed side by side. With the frame, users can also scroll through photos and read more about the information of their photos. For displaying their photos, users can set-up the frame within minutes of opening. It has a 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi strength which can be easily set-up for your home. 

The frame has a sensor which can immediately dim or close the display in case the room where it is displayed does not have any light or observers.


Aura Digital Frames promotes their products to be a good option for gifting. To make this possible, they have made it easier for users to upload photos for the frames of their recipients. They simply need to connect their e-mail account to the service and link it to the product that is in transit to the recipient. Through this, the latter can open the box and connect it to the Wi-Fi and immediately have photos in their device. Aside from this, their box is also designed like a gift box, making it more presentable as it is. 


The unit is designed with a medium size of 10.63x2.6x7.45 inch which allows it to fit any tabletops which it is made for as it cannot be hung on a wall. The unit does not need an adjustable stand because its wide base allows it to stand on its own. The unit comes in two colors named charcoal and white chalk. The design is notable for its minimalist approach, going for a geometric design. As with all Aura frames, the unit can fit almost any room with its colors and design. With all this simplicity, the frame doesn’t compromise in terms of the material it uses, though, given the good quality of the frame when touched. 

Should you buy the Carver digital picture frame?

Aura’s Carver is an easily recommended frame if you’re looking for an immediate choice for a digital frame and if you have money for it. Given the company’s easy way for allowing this, the product is an easy choice for a gift. It is also an easy choice for a gift for elderly friends and family members. The photo quality of the frame will not disappoint any user.



  • Has very good photo quality
  • Has a minimalist and geometric design
  • Is a good choice for a gift
  • Can be easily set-up 


  • Does not have an SD card slot


Aura’s Carver Digital Frame is a landscape-only entry to their high-end line of frames which are known for their very good photo quality, streamlined set of features, and their minimalist design. Users can easily be familiar with the different features of the frame and can easily store their photos in a limitless cloud storage that is encrypted securely. It also comes with smart features which can resize your photos to fit properly, dim the display in dark rooms, and more.