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Why Should You Use a Mounted Coffee Maker?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated August 22, 2019

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Coffee makers are an essential part of the morning ritual, because they are the ones that brew our energy booster. For convenience, different types to match requirements for flavour, consistency, and features are made. While these may all be held by most coffee machines, a single trait can make all the difference: position.

Because coffee makers are warm and moist, they are often dropped off the counter by the pet cat, causing the need to replace them. Aside from this, a coffee maker may also be an easy target for children who may reach it and cause it to break. While these are completely avoidable factors, it is still best to use a machine that avoids these risks.

Mounted coffee makers

The biggest difference that these appliances have is their mounted-position. Instead of being placed on top of a counter or a table, a mounted coffee maker can be installed on your wall and as a part of the shell arrangement under a cabinet.

Benefits of using mounted coffee makers

Mounted coffee makers give a lot of benefits to its users. These include:

  1. Easy installation – Even with the need for a toolset to do so, it is relatively easy to install a mounted coffee maker. Most also come with a guide for you to do the task easily.
  2. Makes the machine last longer – Because external factors such as children or pets cannot tip the machine over, failure within the unit will be the only likely cause for damaging it.
  3. Suits a variety of rooms – Because it is mounted, it is relatively easy to install to any room regardless of motifs and design. This is because it will mostly blend itself to the walls and the décor.
  4. Less space – Because it is mounted, it takes up less space in the room.

Recommended models

Here are some recommended mounted coffee makers along with features and description (in no particular order):

  • BLACK+DECKER SCM1000BD SpaceMaker Under The Cabinet Coffee Maker (8 or 12 cups) – This model is known for its removable water reservoir, a brew-pause feature which allows users to get coffee while brewing, and a warming plate. It can serve from 8 to 12 cups.
  • Brew Express BE-110 Wall Mount Coffee Maker – This coffee maker can be mounted on the wall which has space in between. This allows it to be installed within, maximizing the space of a counter. It has automatic water filling, a programmable timer, and adjustable cup selector for everyday use.
  • Black & Decker CG700 Spacemaker Coffee Grinder & Chopper – This coffee maker has a huge space for coffee beans. It can grind beans for 4, 8, or 12 cups. You can also choose Coarse, Medium, or Fine quality for grinding.